Skyhighatrist psytrance tunes online ;-)


Label Dj and Catawampii
hiya :ismile:

i've put 2 psytrance tunes online to see what people recon

balancing the equation and twisted psyfunk at

comments welcome

cheers guys


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checked these out yeasterday, was quite digging them, possibly a bit trancy for my personal taste but then again my intoduction to dance music was drukqs by aphex followed by a dirty underground acid techno club :Smile3:
production seems quite good though...


just listened to balancing the equation... overall its pretty good, nice intro and the funky bass bit at the start is cool. like some of the arpegiated synth lines, especially towards the end of the track...

constructive critiscm :Wink3:

riff that comes in at 2:50 is a bit loud... could do with some delay or something too i reckon.

drums could be better too - snare gets a bit lost and i'd (personally) play with the kik to give it a bit more hi end. try some volume changes with hihats to give them variety (oh.. you're doing this towards the end, coolio :Wink3:)

also i'd try some more generic psytrance bass noises (at least in places) cos they'll probably sit better with the rest of the mix.



Label Dj and Catawampii
thanks for your comments guys :ismile:

it's always good to hear what other people think
i'll carry on tweaking...