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Snafu website updated


Just managed to update my website with some pics from over the summer and some forthcoming dates:

I'm happy playing anywhere, anywhen and any style (full-on, morning, chill, random, etc) and have got a pair of CDJ500's and a vestax PCV375 mixer which I'm happy to bring if needed.

Email address is on the website or you can PM me on the forum


very smooth and pounding mix, good transissions and a fullon psychedelic jounrey. :bananada:
Sorry Lachlan, post has been edited and correctlink put in - excuse my idiocy :P
Nice little site you got there Mark :Grin: looking forward to watching it grow
Cheers dudes, working on something a little bigger an better but cursed with this damn Mac. Anyway, a few updates and some good news just added
Cool Mark I'll keep an eye on your site with interest. Wanna lift down again for the next Omniscience?

Your chauffeur :Wink3:
Nice quality mix dude carry on like this and people will start noticing you <wink>
You've been pretty quite recntly Huw. Everything ok? gradually getting it all together - -I have to admit, pimping myself is pretty fun :rolleyes:
yeah everything dandy.. just got no internet in the ol' student house. we're definitely due a reunion :Wink3: :drinking:
More info added - dates for upcoming parties in the When? section and list of parties already played at (with some pics) and links in Where?
New dates added and a few pics from recent gigs. New mix online soon