snare trade


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does any body have any decent snare samples for psy, cus im sick with reasons samples and im having real trouble making one
if any one has a good snare samples... il swap them with sum bass samples that iv made, sound fair?

love and peace



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after my rant i decided to sit down with subtractor again and give it another go, i managed to get a pretty good sound, theres a shitlot of distortion and compression on it, but i recon a drip of reverb and some more compression and eq may make it turn out alright


yeah try not to use the 909 snare too much man, ive used loads of different types, some from dnb breaks before, they tend to have a bit more crunch to em, the most important thing is what you do with it after

i tend to...

1: EQ (usually cut some some low end

2: compress it (maybe put it on a channel with some other rhythm)

3: a smigen of 'verb, but not always gate coz it tends to give it just a trail, try using a hall with a very short decay to give it some space, depends wot effect your after

whats your email? ill swap some samples with yer :Smile3: