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A Brand new v e r y chilled track for the lovely psy-forumites!

This is seriously chilled but still quite patterny, if you want to go into depth with the ideas, then the structure is there, but I find it helps to be either very stoned or half asleep when listening to this, and when you are then :ismile:

I'm trying to change my styles up and explore new territories, as such this isn't really like anything else I've written. If you've seen the film Solaris, then there are similarities between the track and the music in that. So this isn't as such a 'Speakafreaka' track.

Anyhow, here is the track:

False Memory

I wrote the track monitoring through Senny HD25 headphones. Due to the extreme sub bass that this track pumps, I'd suggest either listening through nice speakers or headphones only, as otherwise you won't get that all important bass sound. Also, I'm not some tech guru. I don't frequency analyise to the nth degree. I just do what sounds right. Don't crank the volume on the first play!!! There are about 4 more minutes of this track. I'm not uploading them, for various reasons. I'm also not sending this off to record companies. It is quite a personal track and I don't need rejections on it because it doesn't fulfill peeps commercial criteria! I would love to hear what you all think though. I've been jabbering on for ages, so I'll be quiet and let you get on with listening :iyes:

Let us know what you think.


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That's lovely speakafreaka! I'm not listening to it on good speakers or headphones (sorry), but it's really holding my atttention, and quite involving if you see what I mean... which I reckon is difficult to do with tunes like that. It's morning for me at the moment, and I'm just about to go to work, so you gave me a nice start to the day! I'll have a listen on my monitors this evening... well done!


thats a hauntingly beautiful track dude really, lying on my bed with headphones on it gave me my 'post hardcore yoga session first few tokes of spliff' feeling of bliss!! im no techie but to my classicaly trained ears its sounding pretty flawless- the progression is spot on. would love to hear the other 4 minutes though! also went on your site and had a listen to datum point which is equally as impressive. i think you should go for it and get em out there- i reckon you just need to find the right label... :Smile3:



Champagne Rouletter
Thanks everyone! That was really fast and all lovely and positive too :Smile3:

With the whole label thing - I've tried to get things released - It isn't happening as far as I can tell, *but* that is okay.

The most important thing by a mile for me is sharing my music with other people, and I can do that right here. Yes, of course, I'd love to be able to see a record of mine sitting on a shelf somewhere, but that isn't why I produce music. Getting a constant stream of rejection emails only makes me try and change my tunes so that I fulfill other peeps demands. And as a result I'm never happy with the outcome. I get musically stressed and fatigued as a result and can't write anything at all...

All I've ever wanted is to walk into a club and here my track playing at some point during the night, and to see someone absolutely loving it.

I'm really happy to see that everyone so far likes it :Smile3:


hmmm i see what you mean about the rejection- especially if its affecting you to the point of feeling you need to change your music (which you defo shouldnt be doing!) but i still say dont give up trying- just take all negative feedback with a pinch of salt as it comes with the territory really and if its meant to happen it will (without you having to kill your tunes) and if it doesnt whats the loss? the most important thing is to keep producing music YOU love because you love producing it! (and posting it here for all of us to love to :Grin:)
as for hearing your tracks in a club- all you need is a willing dj... which i doubt you'd have much trouble finding :iwink:



p.s played around with a eq while listening,

3db boost around 2.5 khz, brought the percussion to the front of the mix,

massive boost at 12khz, at least 6db!! gave the track some much needed air!!!

also cut the bass slighty


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theyellowbrickroad said:
Do it the justice it needs and don't mix it on headphones :Wink3:

sorry for vague-ish tangent to topic but....
just out of curiousity...
Whats ya arguament against using headphones to mix/master?
<If they are cheap n shite yea... fair...
U ever used any Audio Technica ATH series....?..... completelly changed the way i listen/write/mix/master music.... a bargain at £120..... freq response from 22hz=22000hz>
... chek em... you'll be suprised.

nice choonage BTW...


i own a pair of dt-100 and i check mixes on them, but i would never actually mix on them.

not sure whether this is actually correct but... when micing up instruments the closer you get with the microphone the more bass/mid you will pick up, put a mic right up against a bass cab and you will pick up the bass move it further away and the bass dies off.

Its the same for out ears, having headphones on fools people into things sound good, and then when listened to on speakers they realise that it doesn't. if mixing on headphones works for you then i applaud you... but i need to hear the music interact with the room and not get it pumped straight from the spaker into my ear.

Although this is a bit silly... have you tried putting two speakers right next to your ears and then mixed a tune on them? The results would be well funny :Smile3:

but yeah this is off topic, and the whole headphones can-of-worms has been covered by people much more knowlegable than me!


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Nanook said:
sorry for vague-ish tangent to topic but....
just out of curiousity...
Whats ya arguament against using headphones to mix/master?
<If they are cheap n shite yea... fair...
U ever used any Audio Technica ATH series....?..... completelly changed the way i listen/write/mix/master music....

I like headphones - but I never mix in em as firstly:

1. Monitors are more similar to PA systems in that they're actual speakers - therefore it's easier to tailor your mix for a PA. (probably not completely the scientific case but similar I recon)

2. Ear damage - It's far easier to destroy your eardrums when mixing music on headphones, particularly as your ears'll get tired and you'll inevitable fader-follow etc. as well as working on the highs and bass cutting and boosting etc.
Remember, with headphones the sound isn't outside of your ears, it's enclosing your ears - the vibrations don't have room to escape properly from inside your ear...

It's probably a perfectly fine way to mix, and if it works for you doowit!... but i wouldn't ever mix or master headphones...

Lovely track btw - gonna have another proper listen now... :Smile3:
I would say the mix needs some work - but then that's completely up to you, it still sounds lovely :Smile3:


Champagne Rouletter
He he cheers everyone

Yes yes, I was aware that the bass was borderline insane, and would need turning down really, but I find that massive levels of bass on nice headphones to be ... narcotic.

I don't want to introduce more air into the mix. Likewise, the percussion is quite deliberately wayyyyy back in the mix. I think just reducing the bass and kick will sort out the problems. :Smile3: I feel more high frequency action would be totally contradictory to the atmosphere I am trying to create. However it is always interesting to hear different opinion on a mix, so thanks for the feedback, it is very useful for helping me think more constructively about the mix.

I'd love to check out the mix on monitors, but sadly the headphones are the only thing I have, I don't even have a HiFi with speakers, so there :P No chance of getting any either in the near future. Beggars can't be choosers. :Smile3:

An interesting point to consider about Sub Bass

Speed of Sound = approx. 330 metres per second

Low Sub = 30hz

330 divided by 30 = 11

So a sub of 30hz is 11 metres long from beggining to end! That almost certainly doesn't fit in any of our studios :Smile3:

None of us hear real or accurate bass on our monitoring systems, unless we are monitoring on PA's in huge anechoic chambers. But certainly a good nearfield does a much better impression than a good set of headphones (this a pro monitor argument by the way :Wink3: )