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Hello pixies hope you're having a magical time and not having to study like me. A special hello to everyone I met at Pixchievious and to the whole Cambridge/Winchester/Bristol crew.

Now a short request... could everyone I know send me a quick message so I know who's who. If you think you know who I am but aren't sure then BIG PURPLE BASTARDS is the clue (if you were at Pixchievious, if you weren't then the clue is BLUE).

Dan, Jim, Timmy, Jojo, JR, Ollie, Mickey, Big Rick I know you guys are in here somewhere! Reveal yourselves!

Peace :cool:

Welcome to the board. Don't reckon we know one another.

DoctorJon said:
...Dan, Jim, Timmy, Jojo, JR, Ollie, Mickey, Big Rick I know you guys are in here somewhere! Reveal yourselves!..
But I do know Dan and Timmy (from Cambridge/Newmarket?), but don't think they're on the board. I reckon Big Rick is "Rigbic", could be wrong but it seems to fit. I might know Ollie, but get confused because that name crops up on another board I'm on as well as at psy-trance events.

Anyway, good luck finding your mates... :runsmile: :juggle:
we must have met--- in cambridge / lake jon...played the silly set @ pixichiveous (if u were there u would know!!hehe!waaay too much 'cid,still good fun!good mix!!) and @ the warehouse party in cambridge...came up with big ric.. i know timmy (do u have my africa in trance cd???) and dan, what a pair of legends!!!..u coming 2 gnomelands? gonna be good fun!!

come boogie!
Yes Jon I remember you from Pix. I was guy with the crystallised ephedrine, came up with Jo-Jo and James. Remember on the last night we sat in Nick's cafe taking nitrous and DMT with Jo-Jo and you had become obsessed with a small flashing bicycle light... you kipped in our tent after having taken what must have been a shitload of :shrooms: . I remember you well...

And your set was... crazy. I remember it well. Is Gnomelands the one in June at the not-to-be-released yet location down south? I should be able to make it, depends if it's after or before strawberry fair. I'll be down in Cambridge then but right now I'm in Edinburgh. If anyone's up my way this weekend there's a party in a sub-terranian nuclear bunker near fife... should be fun but I can't go coz of exams damnit.

Take it easy dude, be seeing you at G hopefully.

I think that is the Little Green Planet, same day as Strawberry Fair and Cannabis Festi in Brockwell Park!!

So much to do, soooo little time!!

:sun: :sun: :sun:
Jon, how are you matey..was hoping i'd catch up with you at somepoint..come down to won't regret it

send me a pm with your phone no and i'll give you a call about stuff..

cheers man

Rigbic (BigRic)
helou p0psikkle :welcome: !!
it's heidi-p0ps (dans ex & tiinas sista :Grin: )

nice to see yer her chuck!
talk soon boyo :Smile3:

Diamond geezers those three. Some of my oldest and closest friends. I'll have to try to persuade them to join... everyone here seems to know them.

JIMMY!!! --------- TIMMY!!!

And of course Dan the man with a brand new van...