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Hello again everyone!

I'm now looking for some recommendations for software synthesisers. At the moment I use fruity loop's collection of synths that do the job OK. However, it won't be long before I run out of potential sounds coming from those bad boys so I'm searching for something new and original.

Reason and Rebirth are OK, but they're more Acid Techno don't you reckon?

Thanks people!


Rebirth I can definitely see being useful for acid techno (amongst other things) but Reason is far more flexible than that, and is more than capable of doing the business in any genre you require. However it's not a 'software synth' as such but a complete music creation system - think of it as another Fruity Loops only different. If it's purely a softsynth or two you're after I can recommend Z3ta+ as a very capable all-round synth that will keep you interested for a long time, especially once you start programming it yourself.


Albino is one of the most flexible soft synths I've used (apart from Reaktor!). It's got a nice simple interface but can be configured in loads of different ways. If I was only allowed one soft synth I would go for Albino (again - lets pretend I'm not allowed to choose Reaktor). The presets aren't much good for psytrance though so you have to get into programming it yourself...


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I can highly recommend Stylus rmx as a piece of software that is very useful for percussion. Im pretty sure it works in most sequencers. Definately worth the money.

Does anybody know of any soft-synths that are particularly useful for making nice acid/psy style sounds?

Also if there any good free download AU synths?


Studio Elf is a pretty good site for searching by type/rating/platform.

Muon Tau is a nice 303-alike, rgcAudio's Triangle II is great for squelchy noises down in the bottom of the register, and Daichi's Synth1 is a veritable monster of buzzy-clangy FM goodness.

And all of the above are free!


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Sweet as.. very helpful advice folks, thanks. Especially the ones that are free.. ooh I love free stuff!!!


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krakli also do some pretty cool synths... can't remember the url but just google them.

my fav free synths:

Karmakiller, Joykiller, & Lovekiller (all quite similar but useful)


i cant recommend the Albino 2 enough
Zeta (Z3+4) is also cool, as colin said, and imposcar, and discovery 2
and battery 2 is great for sampling


Arrrgghhh dont start talking about new i wanna play!!!!


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makdaddy said:
Arrrgghhh dont start talking about new i wanna play!!!!

fuck me that didn't take long


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on a freeware style tip

try out

Voyager (shit interface, amazing filters and oscillation phase controlled mirrored madness good S&H possibilites when linked to synced oscillator pitch silly fast chorus possibly glitched envelopes but he ho it does sound very fat and is a winner for bass sounds)

ASynth (Passible minimoog emulation but has a very cool filter which 'emulates' the filter found on the Korg MS20. Great pads great basses nice filter bahaviour, would have oreferred a moog modular replica with the added filter goodness myself release on envelopes could be longer)

Nin!ja (dirty dirty dirty and not really freeware according to the eula if such things concern you. Just check out sync and distortion options. Envelopes are incorrectly put together again. Definately glitchy in places but a very very fat sound. Capable of mass carnage on lead sounds)