Some amazing artwork for your delight


Fluffy funadelic
The images are truelly incredible, thanks Dave :Smile3:))

Pity the site and overall competition is sponsored by Novartis, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around...... :Sad:( They do get in everywhere, don't they...... ? :Wink3:

Has anyone seen a book called 'Heaven and Earth'? It's also got incredible imagery, depicting a range of natural phenomena that can't be seen by the naked eye, from microscopic cell son one's tongue (?!) to supernova in the galaxy... they're really beautiful :Smile3:))

Jon Kenobi

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a lot of those pics a great! cheers for the link Dave


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VEDA said:
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MaGiCdAvE i love your avatar :ismile:

ty so much, it is how life will be in old age.....hehehehehehe

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