Some art work of mine.


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Hello plp. I use to draw all the time when I was growing up but haven’t done anything for years so I have decided to get back to it again.
Let me know what you think.
I think u are highly talented! Good man! Keep at it!

ooh i love it! really really good.. kinda children's story book style about it :Smile3:

keep it up you have a talent there! :drinking:
Great rippling on the water - have you used watercolours?

Most Endearing...

Like I've been there before.... :rolleyes:

Have y ou seen this girl...

RezN8 said:
Great rippling on the water - have you used watercolours?


I used acrylics because you can use them like water colours or oils exept they dry really fast.
Thanks for the kind worlds plp. :jump:
Psyfi ...

Fantastic :jump:
How long did it take to do?
A day. I sat in the garden and drew the main of it but half way through I heard a big crash bang wallop noise from in side my place and when I went in I found that the cupboard had fallen of the kitchen wall and mustard powder was all over the kitchen. Bustards I thought, trying to stop me drawing aren’t you. Shaking fists at the sky. So I left the mess and finished the picture. Then tidied up the kitchen.

Sorry maybe to much info. lol

PS Zaven that pic cool.
Maybe I could paint some random stuff and sell it on ebay.

Seriously if anyone has any good ideas on how to earn the rent from this stuff please let me know.
psyfi said:
Thanks Ott. Give me all you studio equipment and I'll show you how. lol :Grin:

Unfortunatly talent can't be taught.

Get a portfolio toghter. Then get a space on the web where you can show your work, maybe or some similar site. If fantasy is your thing maybe hit up some book publising companies and see if they are looking for illustrators, better still make up some silly story and illustrate it yourself, like some kind of Alice in Wonderland psychadellic tale and take the whole shebang to a publisher.

Go into the Duff Album covers thread and advertise yourself there, which leads to (it is up to you) hitting up some record lables as an artist.

Hit up some computer gaming companies as they are usually looking for artists, I have some firiends who used to work for Square Soft (Final Fantasy) in Hawaii and Japan and they used to make good money. There is alot of money in computer games, this is relavant for audio peeps too.

You can always make prints of your own work, bang off five hundred copies and shop them to retail stores by yourself. You could design some christmas cards and... well sell them.

You could make big backdrops for parites and travel around setting up art installations at events, if they are good enough you could travel all over. My friend throws 5-15k people parties in Japan and while there are many good artists there I am sure they are looking for something different.

When I lived in Venice Beach California I hooked up with this English guy and he was into those stereographic pictures, before they were even colour, we used to have a stall and sell them on the beach. We got another friend to make some rather simple ones on his comp and were eventually asked if we wanted them to be in this guys book of stereographic images. Anyway to cut a long story short, my friend was really suprised to get a $70k check from the guy, he was not expecting that seeing as it was just a laugh and something to keep ourselves occupied. Anyway that was just for two or three images.

I know a guy here in Hawaii who owns gallerys and while alot of it is underwater nature stuff they do sell other artists, like Jim Warren and John Pittre (sp) and make millions doing it. I think their gallery is really hard to get into but if I ask him he probably would know where to look. But first get a portfolio toghter!
Thanks for the tips empty one.I shall indever and see what I can come up with. :Grin: