some of my old psy art out the closet :)



This one is extra special because estelle asked me to make it for a flyer, at this point we had never met. the event didnt happen, but through making this picture i got to know estelle and the rest is history! :wub:

there you go, some of my older artworks for your enjoyment, if anyone wants any flyers made drop me a line cause i like making em! :ismile:

if you like the pictures, say so and i might goand dig some more out :Smile3:


mr_faster said:

really beautiful.... especially the first one :Smile3: has kinda inspired me to dig out some of mine and have another play.


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well...what can i say..WOW..all of them looks amazing..:ibiggrin:
especially 1st three peices...4 sure they r inspiring 4 travelling..hehe
and tripping...:irofl:
keep up ur work!!!


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really nice stuff.....are the last three fractals?? just curious as to what formulas u got them from..if they are fractals that is
Meep...*feels special* That one Jon did for me has a place on my wall...MUST get it down to uni actually.

Altho, all of them are brilliant, especially the fractal ones :Grin:

Nice work babe xxx


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beautiful stuff


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wow, I really like these - very beautiful :wub:
I especially like the 5th one down - extremely groovy, think the colour combination is fab!
So, how'd you create work like this? Am intrigued now.... :ismile:


the picture for Estelle is Brilliant, well done JOn:badger:
I like all the fractals and the ones i came across on the BBD website & flyers.

Very good stuff !!! music and art wise:iwink:


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my fav one is the 5th one down.. it's like a juicy fruity snowflake rayfish kaleidoscopic explosion!



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thrid one down is amazing


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Some beautiful Pictures there :Grin:

I don't think my art deserves its own thread, So I'll leach onto yours.