something else from russia

its cool, dark (which im not too fond of unless it really rocks) but has some nice elements and ideas but does lack melody which i like to have in my own music(thats just me tho ok!).

Sorry im crap at reviewing songs!. But what i colud add is prehaps give the sonds some space which can be eaisily done with subbtle flange or chorus.
As for the mix, it sounded really good, nice n loud so all parts can be heared properly.
Keep up the good work mate its a good effort, you definatly got some talent, so dont put it to waste. :Grin:

Hi, just had a listen to the tune and quite liked it especially the regular 16th note bassline contrasting with the triplet 16th note arpegioes (assuming that was deliberate)

The mix is good but I though more variety in the percussion (and more of it too) would help the track progress from one section to the next.

I use logic for tune writing and usually use several exs24 samplers each with a small number of percussive sounds and some effects on each channel then I bus them together and apply some more effects to the bus which ties the percussion together. Seems to work alright.

I liked the fact that the bassline varied too without being such a change that it upset the feel of the track.

Good luck, post more tunes on here as you write them...!

One thing I have started doing more recently that would work well in that tune is to use some of the synth sounds you have in the tune in places where they are not currently used with many of the parameters changed and some more effects to gain get the effect of variety but around a common theme. I hope that makes sense - it's the kind of thing I end up blathering at people whilst in a state but it really does work.

Hope this is helpful, the one thing I have learned in tune writing is that practise makes perfect. i have come a long way since my first tune but I still have a very long way to go and as I seem to learn something new with each tune i write and i'm sure that wil apply to you too.