Son Kite - Live in Tokyo


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Aalborg, Denmark
Son Kite – Live in Tokyo


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Artist: Son Kite (Sweden)
Title: Live In Tokyo
Format: 2xDVD
Label: Digital Structures (Sweden)
Cat. #: DIGDVD01
Distribution: Cosmophilia
Date: November 2004


Step three in a four-stage rocket!

Right, so this is the much anticipated and heavily delayed Son Kite DVD. This was scheduled to be released back in May 2004, but due to some technical problems it got pushed back to ultimo November. But it was definitely worth the wait – once you’ve experienced this, you’ll know why…

Let me take you thru the… ehh… DVDs!

DVD #1: (5.1 surround/2.0 Dolby Digital, bitrate 3.40Mbps, aspect ratio 4:3, coding: NTSC) 91 minutes.


01. Son Kite - Intro
02. Son Kite - Other Side
03. Son Kite - Poolop
04. Son Kite - Receive
05. Son Kite - Colours
06. Son Kite - Airplay
07. Son Kite - Receive Pt. II
08. Son Kite - Jukebox
09. Vibrasphere - Newport (Son Kite Rmx)
10. Son Kite - Massive
11. Son Kite - The Stars Within Us
12. Son Kite - Live Loop
13. Son Kite - On Air
14. Cosma - Out Of Range (Son Kite Rmx)
15. Vernon - Wonderer (Son Kite Rmx)

First and foremost – these DVDs are NTSC encoded, but will play on most region free players. However, the output is still NTSC, so it will not work on PAL-only displays. But most modern equipment accepts both nowadays…

Secondly - have you ever used the “angle button†on you DVD-remote for anything else than porn? Well, here’s your chance to put is to some good use, ‘cause this entire first DVD disc has linear duel footage you can switch between whist watching. The live performance and graphics on angle one, and trippy VJ visuals on angle two. The soundtrack is the same – you decide on the visuals! ;o)

This is the Son Kite live performance on Halloween night 2003 @ the Venusfort venue in Tokyo Japan. The venue is beautiful in its majestic appearance; most of the crowd is dressed up in imaginative costumes and Son Kite has teamed up with highly professional video jockeys to ensure the Japanese will get a breathtaking experience for all senses. And thanks to modern technology we can now get almost the same experiences at home in our living rooms.

First part of show is mainly footage of the guys twisting knobs and people dancing their asses off. Towards the latter part, the producers start incorporating more stock footage into the mix + all kinds of filters and twisted effects – increasing the visual bombardment for maximum enjoyment…

It’s a visual tour de force as much as it is a rendition of Son Kite’s greatest dancefloor bombshells. In this live performance we go beyond the Colours album – some of our fav’e tracks and remixes from the back-catalogue are delivered in smashing live-versions. Furthermore it’s also a welcomed opportunity to get up-close and personal with these sound wizards as they twist and turn their knobs. A cornucopia of close-up knob adjustment – beautifully carried out by Seb & Marcus with immediate response from the audience… It’s almost like being there yourself… Almost!

My personal highlights are definitely On Air, Other Side and The Stars Within Us. But as the Colours album, this DVD should really be enjoyed as a journey… I’m sure it was meant this way…91 minutes of pure joy!

DVD #2: (Dolby digital 2.0. bitrate 448 kbps, aspect ratio 4:3, coding: NTSC) 60 minutes


‘Backstage Tokyo’ (17 minutes)
Join gorgeous Japanese hostess Junko Niwa as she interviews Son Kite setting up their equipment before the show. We really get an in-depth, close-up feeling on how the guys are mentally preparing and goofing around in the nerve wrecking hours before going on stage. We also get interviews with Masa the organizer, Emok from Iboga Records and Tuff Little Unit (the visual designers). After the live performance, we met the guys again backstage where they are chilling out and drinking champagne.

‘A day at work – a return ticket to New York’ (12 minutes)
Another interesting documentary, where we follow Seb wake up early in the morning, leave his flat and ride his bicycle to High Hat Studios in Malmö where he hooks up with Marcus. They get on a train to Copenhagen airport, and then fly to New York for a live performance. After the live performance they do it all in reverse… All shot by the guys themselves…

‘On the road – dropping down on a few continents’ (11 minutes)
Titbits from Son Kite gigs in Finland, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Greece. The crowd at the Samothraki Dance Festival is going absolutely ballistic at the sound of On Air… Damn, looking at that footage sends shivers down my spine… Why oh why, wasn’t I there?

Music videos:

The Stars Within Us (5 minutes)
Very classy video by Jim Studt. It’s a mixture of urban architecture/graffiti footage and trippy fractal visuals and computer graphics.

Jukebox (4 minutes)
Another classy video – this time by Jonas Gustavsson. It’s pretty simplistic, although it’s riddled with visual trickery. Naïve, yet rich… Kinda art deco really! And we see Son Kite flying kites… Cool!

On Air (4 minutes)
Impressive video put together by David Nord. This whole vid is compiled old stock footage from carnivals, parades, rodeos, rollercoasters, etc. What’s so special about this video is how Nord manages to synchronize audio and visuals – even with the slightest of details done just right… It’s a feast for the eyes watching and listening how everything falls into place… There is not even a hint of computer graphics here – it’s all editing. Very original!


Phew! These two DVDs are nothing less than brilliant… We get a smashing live performance with stunning visuals and amazing sound + loads of extra goodies… Make sure to check out the different angles on the concert DVD for added value trippy visuals… As always with Son Kite, this whole package reeks quality. From the nice booklet + sticker to the 5.1 surround sound audio-track… I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Seb & Marcus after a fantastic live-gig in Denmark, and they were super nice down-to-earth guys. Respect! I loved the Colours album, and I absolutely love this DVD too… As I’ve said before they continue to distance themselves from the vast majority of trance labels – both production-wise and concept-wise! And you need this DVD in your collection – it gets my highest recommendations! Enjoy!


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you cheeky promo blagger!!! :lol1:
great review as always maye

tis on my xmas list :P
this and NIN- And All That Could Have Been... are my fave music DVDs right now.

this DVD has some great footage, though the whole set is a bit brightly-lit for my tastes. it reminds me of being munted and self-conscious about dancing because the lights are blazing in the venue.

still, the music is cracking, and the extra features give you a very intimate look at their lives.

i bought it from Psyshop, and so should you!