Son Kite - On Air Remixes


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Aalborg, Denmark
Son Kite – On Air Remixed

Format: CDM
Artist: Son Kite
Title: On Air - Remixes
Label: Digital Structures, Sweden
Cat. #: DIGCDS03
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 09’48†Son Kite – On Air [Original]
02. 07’15†Son Kite – On Air [Deedrah Remix]
03. 11’08†Son Kite – On Air [Lemon8 Remix]
04. 05’27†Son Kite – On Air [Future/Past Remix]
05. 06’27†Son Kite – On Air [MIDIval PunditZ]
06. 10’14†Son Kite – On Air [New Disco Science Alliance Remix]


Step one of a four-stage rocket!

A kite full of colours sweeps across the sky with a strong wind in its sail… Yes, Swedish super-producers Son Kite has released step one in their ambitious Colours project… One Album, two singles and a DVD... Wikkid! This first single, proggy jewel “On Airâ€, was christened with the help of Isratrance-regulars and includes no less than 5 amazing remixes!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First up is the original… A very cool, floating, dream-like intro sets the mood… Someone hits a piano-key about 5-6 times, low voice-muttering samples in the back-ground, someone talking about radio – basically we’re just chilling out, having a good time… And then, at 2:22 the infamous Swedish progressive baseline cuts thru the silence like a scythe… This is the true essence of trance, razor-sharp percussion, beautiful synths, wonderful melody… And a build-up @ 5:15 that’ll annoy the hell out of you the first time you hear it, but after a few listens you’ll give in to the sheer genius that is On Air! So get your damn hands up in the air – this is a magic track!

#02: Next up is Mr. Ibiza himself… Many of the elements from the original are still intact… The about radio samples and the basic groove and melodies – just pitched up to suit the Deedrah-style. Very dance floor oriented… Deedrah did a good job on this one! I like full on – and I like progressive… But I prefer to take them individually, so somehow this is a little out of place for my taste… Nothing is wrong with the track though - let me stress that… Nice track!

#03: Prior to this release I had no idea who the hell Lemon8 was and the cover notes didn’t provide any info either… Good thing we have then! ;o) Featured here is critically acclaimed Dutch house-producer Harry Lemon, remixing the hell out of the original… Only smaller elements are kept – just enough to let you recognize the source… This is one heck of a Gatecrasher-Ministry-of-Sound, epic, driving, progressive trance tune… Playing for a little over 11 minutes, you could’ve cut a few slices of this lemon and still maintaining the juicy flavour! Great track!

#04: Another unknown remixer… Thank Shiva for Discogs! ;o) Future/Past is Kirk Degiorgio and he has quite a few tracks on B12, R&S and Applied Rhythmic Technology releases… I still have no idea where he is from or what his other stuff sounds like, but at least now I know his name… Well, that’s wondering from the point really… This is quite an odd remix… Part of it is pure noise; part is pure experimental house bliss… Cut beats, irregular rhythm and overall weirdness… This track has its moments, but generally I’m not too impressed! Decent track!

#05: Ahhh… A downbeat mix! US breaks-n-ambient duo MIDIval PunditZ working magic here… This is nice blend of all kinds of stuff… Dubby breaks, Oriental chanting, Raja flute, sitar, mellow tribal percussion… With the added value nostalgic Son Kite groove intact! Very nice track!

#06: Finally we have a New Disco Science Alliance remix… Swedish progressive trance masters remixing Swedish progressive trance masters… I smell success! This one is for the ladies – sexy, smooth, progressive, deep… And groooooveeeey! Very true to the original, yet the pace is different and the groove is even more penetrating… I dare anyone to not move to this! Amazing track!

Anyone familiar with the MPDQX label group knows that their releases ooze quality both visually and production-wise… And this is no exception… With this first step in the Colours four-some, they continue to distance themselves from the vast majority of trance labels… I for one am looking very much forward to steps 2, 3 and 4…

If I have to nitpick, I would’ve changed the order of the tracks to: 01, 02, 03, 06, 04 and finally 05 to get an ever smoother flow… Perhaps even a journey! And some artist-info in the cover would have been nice too… But who cares really – this is an amazing CDM! Highly recommended!


Favourites: 1 (!!), 3, 5 (!), 6 (!!)


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For info on the 2x12†On Air vinyl single check out the Digital Structures site...
omg! how good is this.. we are going to hear _that_ breakdown a few times for sure :Smile3:
Could anyone recommend any of their other of their albums? i remember seeing them real early in the morning at wonderland and it was distinctive even at that time! :partysmi: