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Son Pax.
Cancun, Mexico
NYE 3003/4

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Wow what a party.....Totally blown away by the location and the artists we heard were awesome....little can be said to do the music and the location justice.
As I said in the discussion section....We will get the pics online as soon as we can....theres some fantastic pics of the sunrise over the Carribean Sea.

So it all started with the parking of the car on the hard shoulder of the main highway (little dangerous I thought). once parked we all had queue up on the other side of the highway up against this rickety wodden gate and filtered in in groups of 30ish to buy the tickets. Once inside we formed another orderly queue while waiting for a bus to drive us the 2 miles down a dusty bumpy track to the beach where the main stage was.

After being shaken about in a sweaty bus loaded until the suspension couldnt take no more, we were hussled out of the bus and greeted with a free bar :Grin: . Grab a beer and make our way onto the sand.

This point the party was only just warmingt up with a handful of people grooving around to the DJ. We spotted a smaller stage over the other side of some sand dunes and thought we'de check it out......not bad at all.

The one thing that did surprise me tho was the lack of decor that had been put up......just a few drops arounf the market area and a bit of material streched from the main stage to a big post in the middle of the dance floor.

As the night progressed........people we coming in in their droves and the beach was filling up rapidly. and the music was pumping....there were some fantastic tunes being cranked out....all this was so awesome that we missed the new year by 32 mins....oh well !

Meeting people all night from many parts of the globe.......more from the UK than I expected......I dont really remember all the names....but I like to say a big Hello to Micheal from Austin Tx, and Paul the Englishman living in certainly know how to stomp.

The sun was starting to turn the blackness of the night sky into a dark blue, and the blue was getting brighter and brighter by the minute.....this point people were starting to gather along the sea front looking out over the Carribean Sea, I cant put this into words and do justice for what we saw as trhe sun broke the clouds on the of the most amazing sunrises Iv ever seen...Il never forget.

That was about it for us after the sun came up......The sun was hot and we were tired from dancing......'rugs are very expensive, so that really puts that out of the question.

The only thing that really put me off about the Mexican Trance scene is that it is mostly about fashion and not a lifestyle....there were a lot of people in Ralph Lauren shirts and Prada shoes....the amount of girls wearing the 'little black dress' with stilleto shoes on the beach was quite amusing.......We actually saw in a magazine a few days later that 'Sam @ Chaishop had said the very same thing about the Mexican scene

Overall.......Music - Great........Some people - True Trancer Hippies........General crowd - I thought I was in a fasion parade and felt very underdressed.......Decor - Could have done better........Free bar - Fantastic (until Son Pax realised they were losing money and decided to start charging for drinks after 4am although the flyer said 'open bar all night').

But we had an amazing time at Son Pax despite the atmosphere and the bar and the decor. We'll never forget the first sunrise of 2004.

We may go back there one day to party, but it probably wont be a Son Pax party, Fair play know how to rock a beach.

Rob // Robin
ayup mister
i so nearly got to go to a son pax last march in cancun
it was on for two nights and astrix was the live set, we had been out all day long and got back to cancun really late so decided to get some kip and get up really early and go along to the party,
so we did, but we only had a memorised map in our heads of where the party was, so we were walking around for hours up and down beaches in the morning sun and never found it.

we hired a jet ski in the afternoon and went snorkelling over some coral reefs instead for the rest of the day so all in all wasnt too bothered about missing it, now im really not bothered i missed it.

would love to be over there in NYE tho, sounds incredible
did you go out of cancun much??
We stayed away from Cancun as much as possible....too touristy for our liking.....we stayed in Playa del Carmen for the 10 days we were there....but thats not that much better really.......ventured into Cancun the day of the party to find tickets only to find out it was pay on the gate.....oh least we got to eat one of the best kick ass Burritos Iv ever had.
Hey u got me daydreaming of summer holidays! B)
Seems u r both having fun, keep it up & enjoy! :sun:
yeh exactly pslightly, thats why i was subtly asking if you got out of cancun much, felt a bit like ibiza full of americans, which is close to my living hell i think hehe

we spent some time travelling down the coast - down to tulum, and inland across to coba, stunning places, amazing mayan ruins, fantastic jungle.
next time we wanna go to palenque and tical, and maybe into belize too

ive got the south america bug now :Smile3: