Sonic Cube - Filter (Tribal Vision Records 2006)


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Sonic Cube - Filter

1.) Hide
2.) Last Jedi (feat. Sonnenvakuum)
3.) Cloud Buster (album mix)
4.) Amnesia
5.) Test
6.) Danger
7.) Microbes
8.) Xcute
9.) Astray (feat. Sabrina) TVRCD007
Release date: February 2006
Cover art: Daniel Å paček - Embryo

Tribal Vision Records is proud to present its first release in 2006 - second full-length album of Swiss progressive trance masters "Sonic Cube"!

Project Sonic Cube was formed in 2003 by Daniel Müller, Ueli Schill and Tobias Wirz from Zürich. Daniel and Ueli are also known as producers from the progressive trance project Sonnenvakuum while Tobi is the man behind famous progressive house act Greed and the SOG record label. After their successful debut album on UK based Millenium Records and a busy outdoor season with live performances all around the world, Daniel and Ueli went back to the studio to work on its follower.

Be prepared for a smooth ride through progressive landscapes!

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