SONIC PANTOMIME - KETUH RECORDS compiled by dj P_Mac & d


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Vienna, Austria
Sonic Pantomime – Ketuh Records

Another wicked compilation from Austrian – Portuguese label Ketuh! Compiled by P_Mac and dj Tv.

1 gappeq – 3bk1
Very original track. In our opinion the outstanding track of this compilation! Good quality sound - punchy yet leaving room for your mind to expand & fill the gaps. Fat bass line, interesting arrangements & lots of little psyched sounds. We’ll be hearing from this guy again in the future!

2 killer buds – fungus in my banza
Fast paced track from brazil with a dirty, mean, rolling bass line. Loads of squidgy sounds & simple melodies that keep you stomping – a dust raiser for sure! You gotta love the name of the track too!!!

3 n3xu5 – evolution rmx
Miguel hits us again with a stormer! Definitely one of the rising stars of the trance cosmos. Very tight & energetic, with a cool break letting you believe it could be the end of the track… but no, it goes off again to psychedelic horizons for a grand finale!!!

4 triskell – concept rmx
Fred does it again! Another brilliantly conceived track from Paris! Powerful and snappy bass line, surrounded by a pleasing mix of smooth & dissonant sounds. we think the world of the sounds and the arrangement but…. the voice sample does our heads in….

5 phyx – sub zero rmx
A signature track from the man who needs no introduction! Fat beats & schizo atmospheres build up and up in a sonic frenzy that is sure to spaz out dancefloors worldwide

6 gappeq – genetically dirty
In a slightly more atmospheric ambiance this time yet still pounding. The reverbed melodies give the track a spooky movie sound & are well balanced by the warm bass & tight kick. Very clean sound overall!

7 lemurians –who shot the dj?
Bouncy with a slightly worrying feel to it. Tight programming with a constant build up throughout the track. Good use of effects & samples gives the track a very slick feel as it goes about the job of trancing us out.

8 rastaliens – jungle explosion
Funky off-beat bass-line accompanied by twisted drill sounds. Lots of groovy percussion & interesting breaks to shake your butts to. Some reservations about the melodic sounds, but they are balanced by the pumping rhythm section. Good psy track!

9 spectra aka shrink – tribal dance
Ass-shaking beats with well-placed breaks reminding us of Cosmosis! Lots of funk elements make this a very dance-friendly track. The melodic lines put the track on the lighter side of full on, but once again we are seduced by the unashamed grooviness of the overall sound.

overall 8 out of 10
favourites: 1,2 & 5


review by gaspard & ajja with extra imput from tanina

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