OK due to a cock up regarding my passport i am no longer going to sonica festival. Would anyone like to buy one? I m in the north london area at the moment and can deliver to me immediate surroundings but i can send it out further if needed! If anyones interested pm me or post in here ill be watching this thread like a hawk, and im asking for a going rate of £30

Does anyone have any other idea for selling? im thinking Ebay

EDIT: i know its a bit late but im trying anyway, picture forthcoming as soon as i get my digital camera to behave


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what issues do you have wiv yer passport?? is there definately no chance of sorting it?? its a real shame, you have my sympathies I would love to go but have no money...on the bright side, there's always next year!! :Smile3:
well it expired without me noticing and i got to the airport today only to be turned away on check in. Only thing i can do now is take an appointment at the governemnt office in london (the next one being the moday AFTER Sonica) and pay 90quid for a renewal. Its just one of those things, im not an expierinced traveller so i didnt check it. I mean up until two days ago i didnt know where my passport WAS.

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shiiiite sorry to hear that MrBlaze....what a nightmare...can imagine how gutted you were at the airport :Sad:
I'll be pming you sometime soon and the contents may cheer you up somewhat :Wink3:
ooooh i await your communique good sir!

basically im not taking this lying down - ill be at the government passporty centre dealy tomorrow at 7:45 sharp with a nice shirt and me best cologne on - if i can wangle it itll be just 4 hours till i can board a train to florence. My new passport pic is wank though, i seem cursed to have wank passport photos :Sad:
If youre flying with EasyJet or RyanAir u MAY be able to get through with a driving license? They do only say thet just want photographic harm in trying!
they used to do that - me did got to geneva alst year with no trouble on his driving license (it had points on it aswell), but becuase everyones afraid of terrorists onew cant do that anymore, at least not on budget flights. If i was flying BA or somesuch it might be possible but im simply not that rich
ok well im officially gonna have to withdrawq this cos im gonna try to get there anyway - apologies for getting anyones hopes up! i honestly didnt think id get a chance to be honestl...