Sony Vaio



...Hi peeps, an easy one, not for me tho :no:

on a Sony Vaio, how do I access MS-DOS at start up?

Thanx :tongue1:
The usual way is to hit F8 as it says 'Starting Windows [95/98/2000]' before the Windows logo itself comes up.

Word of warning though - on 2k and XP this isn't 'proper' DOS, but an emulation of it, usually for the purpose of troubleshooting.

I knew you were going to reply for first :lol:
Thanx very much J.

I need access to dos so to format the HD and reinstall everything back again

If you'd rather, you can go into BIOS and set it to boot from the Windows CD - I always find that easier when doing a completely fresh install. :Smile3:

Just remember to set it back to boot from the hard drive after the first reset!