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down under
howdy all,
Just found this site, im heading over to the UK in march and have some friends who lived there for a while who said that besides the lack of quality outdoor doofs, the people and scene over there is pretty sick. interested in finding out where all the phat psytrance is played at and what the parties are like over there. After the summer in Australia gonna be pretty amped up to cut loose over there for the summer. :party2: :drinking: :bananada:
You certainly found a home from home...


:shrooms: :welcome: :shrooms:
We have wicked parties here :clubjump:

When you get here, check out the Parties section and take your pick, the choice of phat ones every weekend is mouthwatering at the moment :wo^thy:

If you're in Oxford check out Baraka, it's really picking up steam :speaker: