it's anders nilsson ie the swedish element of chromosome, andromeda

i bought this not for crowd pleasing or mixing but for ear pleasing at home and it certainly does just that

without quite the tight structure and basslines of andromeda and chromosome the music is freer, noises can go off on one and be lovely and psychedelic with lovely blibbly noises and some real moments of genius :lol:

don't expect quite the consistency of andr and chr, but it explores a lot more, it's very chilled and i predict listenable to again and again - it may be the perfect still tripping and just got home cd, yet to have the pleasure of such a situation tho - can't wait!
Very atmospheric. :trippn: I listened to this the other day, it's a great proggy, trippy cd. Chilled mostly but you'll be boogying in your lounge towards the end. As you say, lots of slashy, weird *bibbly noises* :lol: :trippn:

best tracks 7(!!), 1, 5(!), 4, 10