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Rationialising our range of equipment so we have some bits of ex Fushion stock for sale...

1pr CVA reflex sub bins loaded PD2150 (21" 750w 8ohm). Carpet covered cabs with metal grills, corners, handles and poly casters and speakon connectors....£700 pr (won't split these) carpet could do with a bit of TLC, but the condition of the cabs is A1

1pr Custom Built Top Horn Flares loaded 1" 150w, 8ohm Compression Drivers on a Poly Radial Horn with 1" screw fitting. The cabs are in 12mm marine ply and finished with corners, edging and speakon connectors....£100 pr SOLD

1 Celestion K15T-200 driver 200w 8ohm...£30 SOLD

1pr Piezo Tweeters (screw fit) on small CD Horn driver 150w 8ohm...£20


4 Eminence Kappa 15 drivers. Almost new (used twice)...450w 4ohm (special versions)....£300 all four NO LONGER FOR SALE

3 Eminence Delta 15 drivers. Almost new (used about 4 times)...400w 8ohm....£150 all three SOLD

1 Eminence ME300-15 driver (old version of Delta)...300w 8ohm...£45 or free if you buy all other 7 Eminence drivers! NO LONGER FOR SALE

1 Rauch PB44 II amplifier. Rated 2x400w @ 4ohm, 800w @ 8ohm, bridged, but a recent service and test showed it produced 2x625w @ 4ohm (documentation to prove). In excellent condition, XLR inputs, binding posts/XLR outputs.....£225


1 Inkel MA 430 amp 2x200w @ 4ohm, 400w @ 8ohm, bridged. XLR/Jack inputs, binding post outputs and a Speakon for bridged only....... £120



1 C-Audio SR606 amplifier with SR707 uprated power supply. 2x825w @ 4ohm, 2x1100w @ 2ohm, 2200w @ 4ohm, bridged. I bit tatty on the outside, but in A1 working order...XLR/Jack inputs, binding posts/XLR outputs....£400SOLD

1 DOD EQ231 graphic EQ. 2 x 31 band, level controls, by-pass, xlr connections 2u high in mint condition....£125SOLD

1 Alesis Quadraverb GT effects unit. in mint condition with (photocopied) instructions.....£100

PM me if you're interested [/b][/img]
I know someone looking for a decent rig at the right price, he's not a member here so il copy the info to a mail and send it to him, if you dont mind Julz.
Aaaarg, those pics have got me drooling. Got to get a job and some money!
The following bits are now sold:

The Eminence Delta drivers (all 3)
The 1" Compression Driver Tweeters
The Behringer Crossover
Right...most things now gone...

Still have, though the following:

CVA 21" subs
Rauch PB44 II amp
Inkel MA 430 amp
Pr Piezo tweeters & horn
Alesis Quadraverb GT