Top 10 Sound Field TOP 10, March 2004


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DATE: March, 2004
SOUND: Blend Of Progressive, Morning Psy And Psy House.

Winter Is Passing By, Lightfull Sunbeams Find Their Way Through The Thin Air To The Ground... Body And Soul Ask You For Refreshing, Touching And Exciting Forms Of Sound Combined And Arranged Into Groovy Music Lines... Here Is What I Found For My Top This Month:

01. Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun (Unreleased)
This Tune Is Produced By Sound Field (Israel) And Angular (Sweden). Late Morning Sound With A Progressive House Feel But Still Psychedelic In Some Parts Of It. This Tune Includes Metallic Sounds And Smooth Chords, Screaming Lead That Touches You From The Inside And A Dancy Groove Going At 140 BPM. It Makes You Feel Free.

02. Freq - Return To The Masters (Iboga)
This Artist Entered The Progressive Scene With The Most Refreshing Sounds And Still On That Fine Direction. Progressive Morning Song With A Great Pumpin' Groove, Awesome Synth Lines, Percussion And Sound Environment. Keep On Freq-uency.

03. Frogacult - Essential (Iboga)
Frogacult Became One Of My Favourites On The Progressive Scene. Deep Bass, Hard Kick And Wide Synth Lines Going Directly With The Groove. The Tune Doesn't Makes You Feel That Somethign Will Go Wrong, All Going Smooth.

04. Prosect - Funk Inc. (Kagdila / Unreleased)
Welcome To The Psychedelic Funk Factory. Funky Bass Lines, Chords, Loads Of Electric Guitars, Vocals, Distorted Synths And Melodies. All Of Those Combined With Psychedelic Sounds In One Piece Of Art. Worried About The Slow Tempo? Let's See How Your Legs Worried About That... Really Advised For Those Who Seek For New Refreshing Sounds This Days.

05. Manmademan - Friction Low (Elektrik Orgasm)
Just Can't Stop Loving Their Looped Based Grooves. Tune Develops Slowly And Pretty Same For All The Time, But It Worse It, Amazing Sounds.

06. Pope Of Gegga - Fellatio Funk (Baluns)
This One Can Be Found On A Knocking Album Named "Living In The Past". Progressive Psy House With A Funky Rhythm And Sounds. Great Intro And Arrangement Of The Song.

07. Oliver Klein - Cobra Libre (Mutekki)
The Progressive House Master Strikes Again. "Cobra Libre" Is A Real Club Anthem. Hypnotic And Dark. No More Words.

08. Jupiter 8000 - New Moon (Avatar)
Yes, He Is Back And As I See Still Haven't Forgot His Roots And Great Skills. This One Makes Me Groove In My Bed Kinda Housy Synth Going On That One But Still Way To Cool.

09. Joujouka - Box Rocker (Radiosonic)
Probably Many People Don't Love Tsuyoshi's New Sound, But I Do. Funky And 80's Influenced With Great Guitar Lines. I Do The Robo-Dance

10. Juno Reactor And Don Davis - Navras (Warner Sunset / Maverick)
Juno Left Us And Probably Grabs Money From This Soundtracks, But Hey Who Said That's No Good? Can't Describe My Feelings On That One... Amazing Production. This Vocals, Wide Bass Line As Juno Know How To Do, Don's Strings, Flute Lines, Symphony Combined With Psy... I Feel Like I Need To Check If This Is Real...

Bonus Track:
Defolder - Fire (Insolation)
For A Bonus Track I Choosed Defolder's Experimental Tune. 80's Back Again, Can't You See? Dance People.

Thanks For Your Attention.

hey man, some very very nice stuff here i have to say :Smile3:

the freq is absolute genius no doubt about it, also keen on the forgacult the old pope and the oliver klein.. not heard the rest to be honest but if it is in the same style then i am sure it is great :Smile3:

be keen to here your stuff mate!