Sound Forge MP3 Peaking Problem

Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
This problem seems to have developed recently and I can't figure out what to do:

  1. I render my track from Cubase SX 3
  2. I use Wavelab for the mastering process
  3. I render the file from Wavelabs as Wav
  4. I open the wav in Sound Forge 6, normalise to -0.1 db and then save it as an mp3 at 256
  5. When I open the mp3 in Sound Forge, it is peaking (The sound hasn't changed, but the peak meter lights up)
It wasn't peaking when it was in wav format before I saved it as mp3! Even if I then normalise the mp3 and save it again, it still peaks!

Any ideas? Why could this be happening? :isad:

Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Not showing any clips in Wave Lab.

Only in Sound forge and only with MP3s (also the ones done in Wave Lab).

Problem solved at any rate. Still, I wonder why it happens?!

Cheers Purusha :iyes:


its just down to the mp3 compression not being perfect. You get the occasion spikes that go a db or 2 over because your not giving yourself enough headroom. normalize at-2db or more if your gonna be transferring over to mp3