Space Cat - Mechanical Dream


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Space Cat - Mechanical Dream
Vision Quest Records - Catalogue: VP25


1 - Sleepwalker
2 - Emotions
3 - Electroshock
4 - Cat on Mushroom
5 - Daybreaks
6 - Raver
7 - Tranceformer
8 - Mechanical Dream
9 - Rising Force

'Mechanical Dream' is the fourth solo album of SPACE CAT (Avi Algranati). It is loaded with "full on" tracks that will please any true trance fan. The music is best fitted for morning times at open air parties, however, you'll enjoy it wherever you are as it is also club oriented and emotional enough for smooth home listening. One of the highlights of the album is a collaboration track with none other than Israel's biggest trance acts - Infected Mushroom ("2004"). This track will no doubt blow you away!

The album reflects the maturity and experience of Spacecat as he is one of the more respected veteran trance artists from the Israeli trance scene. Listeners will certainly detect Avi's rich musical background and high standard production quality that give him his unique and special sound.


Well I don't actually have it myself yet... but is there anyone who does have it? I've been looking forward to this for a long time... just heard some clips of it at, and I'm not really impressed. So far, I figure track 3 - Electroshock is the only track that's really full on, the rest is just Space Cat style... but somehow it doesn't really do anything for me.

Anyone? :Smile3:
Just been checking out the samples on the Chaos site.
Sounds typically Space Cat, but nothing wrong with that I say.
I love the farty, acidic, 303ish type sounds :partysmi:
Yeah sounds ok from thew samples, I ordered it anyhow... I really love some of Spacecat's older stuff. Like Shapes Of Sound, that CD is ace...

I like the ones where he uses loads of different 303 type analogs played of each other building it up... Some of these new ones seem to have it spot on again, some of them seem to be built around straight trancey riffs which sound a bit ummm wet. Hope its good overall! :Wink3:
tell us how it is geoff, when it arives. i have a feeling he can just about reach those heights again, and with it coming out on a label that wont force the poppadomage it could be interestink...
Still getting to grips with this, only had a chance for 1 proper listen thru and that was whilst doing a million and 1 other things. First Impressions:

Sleep Walker: setting the scene, definetly spacecat production, similar to older work.

Emotions: wicked phat b-line and delayed atmospheric drum, good qualtiy kit.

Electro Shock: Little 303 Twister beasty, loads of interest stays fresh, oodles of different noises chucked in, works real well, sticks to elements that compliment, good track for me. It will be rotating round my cdj's!

2004: Cat on Mushroom, and boy he got tripped out, wow, good quality synthesis, noises growing from within each other, very subtle at times, and harsh at others. Ends up as a full on 303 mayhem. I am a bit of an Infected fan, and this has me dribbling over the new album.

Daybreaks: A little bit to familiar, tad cheese at some points good 303 random hits and shouts

Raver: Similar to daybreaks, melodic builder with 303 growls worked in. Bit to much at timez.

Tranceformer: As featured on Magnet Vision Quest CD, Class 303 builder, solid but draws the ideas out a bit too much, 1 section just seems to go on with the naggy 303 a bit long and detracts from the overall effect.

Mechanical Dream: Some wicked production trickery and audio screwing to get a great funky groove from sampled and screwed elements, was lining up to be a show stopper and he puts in a cheesy riff it didn't need.

Rising Force: Phat funker to finish, like it, deep perc work to give it that off kilter feel, he used that trick on trk 9 b4 I remember....

All in all a cool album, better than a lot of israeli for me, doesn't just go full on full on, but gives a nod to wider sounds and different tempo's. A few to many cheesy elements spoiling some really good tracks which just didn't need that hooky element. Some corking standout moments (read 2004\Electro Shock\and parts of Mechanical Dream). Somehow the euphoic trancey elements complemented his earlier work, and they were integral parts of the track here they seem pasted on top to give more wow factor but didn't always work for me, Some excellent some filler. Not as good as it could have been I feel, maybe's avi's losing a bit of interest. :Grin: (Love the 303's though)
Cheers Geoff..

I'll steer clear of this me thinks, loved the S.O.S album - real achievement - don't understand why he's failed to venture out in uncharted space though...

I'm positive it's a good purchase for any trance fan though..

Hmm think I might check out the samples of this when I get home after work. Looks interesting.