Space Monkey - Hyperactive (Agitato Records)


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Space Monkey - Hyperactive || Agitato Records

1. Bubbling Sound
2. To let go
3. Strange Life Form
4. Hyperactive
5. In the Sky
6. The Prophecy
7. Machine Rhythm
8. Image in the Mirror
9. Africa United

Well, I just read yesterday at Psyshop that Space Monkey is coming out with a new album... I can't say how much this has got me exited, I absolutely loved the debut album. Hopefully this will be just as good, if possible even better :Smile3:


ahhhh when when i cant wait..... his debut album has to have been one of my all time favourites........ even better than classical mushroom

cant wait :Grin:

rob :Grin:


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Will Dogon said:
Cant wait to hear what he's got in store for us on this one`:Grin:

Nor can i wait for this.......I'm really looking forward to this album :Smile3:


marathon solo-sessionahoy
I was wondering the other day what had happened to him - not heard of him since 'Psychotic Episode'

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
looking forward to this......Space Monkey has been pretty damn consistent with the quality of tracks released


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Well, I listened to some samples of the album at SaikoSounds yesterday, and that's only making me want to buy this stuff more... sounds great :Smile3: