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Ok, hi again, and this time i would like to show you one of my compositions. This one was made for about 2 weeks ago, and it's called "Duron (part 1)". Light drums( tr 626,tr 909),melodic main theme( fm7,wasp), some distorted basslines (pentagon) and space atmosphere :Grin: It's not a full version, besides, it was remastered a little in final ver. Less than 3 meg/160 kbps/ Anyway, hope you may find it interesting. Comments would be nice. right here
its in the text where it says 'right here' at the end :Wink3:
wow, i really like this but im a big fan of happy/light/spacey stuff like this :Smile3:

the intro to 1.06 is really good i think, and if you didnt want to be accused of 'cheesyism' (as i think some people may say :P) you could continue after that with a fairly dark, pounding beat and bassline (neuromotor stylee).

actually though, i find it a really nice lil bit of chillage - hope u develop it into a full length piece :Smile3: