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1.4K Active sound system

db technologie active speakers for sale. I've had them about a year, but used them only 10 times or so. They're in perfect nick and going for a song - or should that be a tune?

Only 850 quid. they were 1400 new.

1 x SUB 15
• 15" Active-subwoofer
• MT-Amp 800 W/RMS
• 40 – 120 Hz (±3 dB)
• Max. SPL 133dB
• 2 x Neutrik Combo Input
• 2 x XLR Parallel-Out
• 2 x XLR X-Over-Out
• Phase reverse switch
• Dynamic softclip limiter
• Weight: only 32 kg

The top model OPERA Lyric 415 are fitted with the world renowned B&C 1" compression drivers and achieve 126 – 128 dB SPL. The OPERA Lyric series feature the following:
6,3 mm jack/ balanced XLR input connector, balanced XLR parallel out, switchable mic/line input level. To extend the bass frequencies, the OPERA Lyric series can be combined with the active subwoofer from. 1x 275 watt rms 15 inch cone and 1 X 50 watt.



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I bought them last year when I was working. A few of us got together to do some chill out rooms. The project never really worked out, and now I'm not working so I have no money. They also take up too much room in my front room. And, as advertised, I'm looking for a computer. There, 3 good reasons to sell my speakers - which I wouldn't in an ideal world.

You interested?