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.bristol ...
Am looking to buy some suitable speakers for my room, that could also be used for house parties/ small gatherings etc etc.

I do not know what i am looking for really, just something with some good quality sound and quite loud. :Smile3:

I Know nothing about speakers so any help :unsure: or advice on what to buy or anybody selling anything that they think would be suitable please either PM me or reply on here.


Dave :sun:
i dont know if you want small pa speakers or what but i just got some standered speakers from www.richersounds.co.uk for my seprates... there staff are very good and there damn cheap too :Grin:

i hope that was of some help :Grin:

rob :Grin:
i try to stear clear from richer sounds coz they'll try to sell you their own stuff - cambridge audio, as the staff make the highest commision on that (a mate used to work there) - while their stuff's ok you can do better for the money

the best speakers i've come across are definitely the b&w series 3 - they come in a range of sizes and fatness and are engineered by the same people who did the blue room pods and the nautilus :Wink3: i have a pair of the dm601s and they is fat! my mate has the 602s and they is fatter!

b&w series 3
true b&w's are amaizing speakers ... but at the end of the day the cost a bloomin arm and a leg ..... well worth the money though :Grin:

rob :Grin: