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After many months of hibernation, here are my summer scorchers for August...hope to see you all in Omni and Boom festival!!

1. Rinkadink - Just for Kicks (Alchemy unr)
2. Hydrophonic - A Place Like this (Nano)
3. Groundzero - Herbs Everyday (Alchemy unr)
4. Dark Entity - So Shell B (Alchemy unr)
5. Polaris - Evolution (Alchemy unr)
6. Popstream - PC software (Alchemy unr)
7. Rinkadink - Fry through Space (Alchemy unr)
8. Aquatika - Sideoff - Gataka remix (Alchemy unr)
9. Point - Alien Intelligence remix (Phantasm)
10. Alien vs The Cat - Space Jam (TIP)

:Grin: get ya groove on!


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Very nice tops Spencer, Looks like there is a hot new Alchemy compilation on the way... Looking forward to New Polaris track and "Pop Stream PC Software" sounds interesting, I loved there Into Orbit album... Powerfull Analog...

How corking is that "Point Alien Intellegence Remix" it has so much energy, played it at a m8's birthday party and a free party last wkend, couldn't help myself had to play it! (wanted to play it twice) :Wink3:

:sun: Summer Scorchers Indeed!


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allo allo


Little amendment to the track listing - Dark Entity is actually Krunch who is Zeev from Dark Soho and Dark Entity...his new tracks are absolutely outstanding...his production is some of the best I have heard and I would have to say his latest track 'Touch' would be my number 11 in that list.

bum spankar