Spies under Von Magnet Influence - Shape Your Shade (Celestial Dragon EP)


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Artist: Spies under Von Magnet Influence
EP: Shape Your Shade
Label: Celestial Dragon
Web: www.sonic-dragon.com , www.spies.tv
Sonic-Energy: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/202/2/


1.Fragments of Ice – Fire Of Illusions
2.the passenger
3.a cosmic operator

What's This About

French composer Spies AKA Holeg AKA The Star Shrink Shooters has entered the psychedelic scene when he started touring with Juno Reactor in Japan. His musical career extends to over 50 tracks in numerous compilations, with an equal amount of diversity in his work. Spies stands as cinematic electronica, with Holeg the pace chances to electro-techno… and if you ask about The Star Shrink Shooters, you might get a doze of Psychedelia. Spies’s debut was released by Techno-Flux in Japan as Notinisim in 2000. Three years later Holeg’s double CD Reality Drifts, on Wirikuta Recordings featured collaborations with Tim Shuldt, Shaolin Wooden Men and the Von Magnet trio. More recently Spies has been working with Cinetiks Music that is going to release the full-length album for this teaser titled Suvmi.

Putting a frame on Spies music is realistically unclassifiable, the man as is a free spirit and he’s not going to let you box him in any category. He innately likes to merge “modern electronic scapes and rhythms, deep atmospheres, classical/contemporary scores, ethno/world music with even more sonic influences in likes of rock and jazz.†Can you tell yet Shape Your Shade is not going to sound like psychedelic trance yet? And barely electronic chill? They couldn’t have stressed more this music is “Cinematic†accompaniment for audiovisual experiences lacking the visuals, well not entirely… back in 2001 when the Niotism was produced, Holeg began talks with Thierry Saint-Paul to visualize the sonic conjuring of Spies, and so an multimedia collaboration began.

Even from the days of Niotism Spies had also been collaborating with Von Magnet, an outfit of three artists: Phil Von, Flore Magnet, and Jerome Soudan that make art/music shows with screenplays, plastic art, theater and music. The affair began when Spies remixed Von Magnet in 2003-4 and since then an album of re-worked pieces has been in the works. Shape Your Shade is the preview containing two exclusive pieces and a couple of soon to-be-released tracks with the full album.


01. Fragments of Ice – Fire Of Illusions *

The first time it hits you this might not be your usual Celestial Dragon release, is probably when the Flamenco guitars and the feet-stomping rhythms star thundering. The main girl singing like a lost gypsy soprano is simply dazzling besides the guitar bits. Half way through the action we drift to complete silence, as electronic synthesis eventually builds out to the main bridge. “Fires of Illusions shivering inside me. Explosions of emotions, my heart is my enemy.†So, it is a flamenco play, with an electronic intersection and heart-break song all in one… to put it simply…

02. the passenger

“You can just feel in details, in bits and pieces you never bother to put into words… and you can feel these extreme moments even if you don’t want to. You put these together and you get the feel of a person.†We have officially drifted to ambient surroundings with mysterious aura and a strange aquatic sample as if a duck was swimming in the pond. Bells toll here and there until the passenger arrives, and apparently he’s somewhat of a creepy fellow.

03. a cosmic operator *

Once again I feel like in the planetarium, it’s all spectral ambient before crashing out on heavy duty night atmospheres, phasing from different moods with strange sounds and samples that more than communicating sound, open a small doorway for different visions. If you are one of those who thought “Treefingers†from Radiohead (Kid A) had potential, you might enjoy it. Normally I won’t find myself listening to this, but now and again it is perfect, beat less ‘music’ to explore in the depths of your pillow, plugged to the headphones with a cloudy mind… Traveling to the confines of your dreams.

04. nostalghian’shape *

Like the name indicates, nostalgia takes a bit more shape with a beat of sorts and actual melodies remaining borderline IDM. The real kicker is some Italian fellow that keeps on japing about existentiality here and there. Even though I don’t speak the language you can pick up so much from the intonation of the voices: the desperation, the anger and the music follows accordingly – like is the case in the first track as well- bringing forth hazy memories of the Nine Inch Nails song “A Warm Place†featured on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack. Why? I don’t know, I’m not claiming there is a musical connection, god knows how neurons interact.

All and All

This one is unexpected. Flamenco guitars, IDM and ambient in one cinemasonic experience? If you’re an eclectic dude looking for anything that sounds different from the ordinary chill out, with a bent for post-modernism, or you are just simply a Spies fan give it a whirl… this shade might not shaped to fit everyone regardless.

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