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well although this isn't new, i've only recently had the pleasure of hearing it and i must say i love it! far and away the best 'psy' i have heard.. has a really techno kind of sound about it, but the groove of psytrance. is there more out there like this?


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check out Midimillz
one of the artists (if not both) are the same!


locus solus
yeah i was aware of midimiliz already, top stuff also! :Smile3: i believe there is another name they use too.. forget what it is..


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ye man now you're talking, tracks like soulprint and neurosport are just...sorry can't think of a better word hehe..KIIIIILLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! :Smile3:

amd as far as similar artists...well to be honest i think thy have cornered the market with that particular sound...fuenf d has some nice techy tracks but not quite the same

problem is finding that techy groove but keeping it nice n trancey. let me know if u hear any similar stuff :Smile3:

p.s. there is a wonderful world of minimal techno too...lucien is great


Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe = Spirallianz, Midi Miliz
Arne Schaffhausen in groups: The Delta, DownHill, Midi Miliz, Spiralkinda, Spirallianz
Wayan Raabe in groups: Anomalie, Delta, The, DownHill, Midi Miliz, Spirallianz
Marcus C. Maichel in groups: Amtrax, The Delta, DownHill, Fools And Tools, The Groupie Syndrome, Hunter Club Analyze, Moondust, The Pollinator, X-Dream, Der Interpret

There you have it... ;o)



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I think Planet B.E.N has a very similar sound :Smile3:

I'm also, at this very moment, listening to V/A Cold Cuts on Cold Groove records for more of that techy soundage :Smile3:


yellow magnetic fab human

almost forgoten uh h h

im still looking ants and screwdivers

my favourites tunes
X-Dream (not irritant)
Spirallianz (stereopark of course)
The Delta (some singles)


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Truelly excellent psy, those germans certainly know how to get me grinning like a madman.

As for similar stuff Authentik share a certain likeness though its slightly more raw, without that floaty but hard as nails sound Arne and Wayne have got going on.

My fave album of this genere is The Delta - Send In..Send Back, but some good new stuff is coming out on Boshke Beats (www.boshkebeats.com/) - allot of filler but some eal gems on there comps too!

Am working on a new mix thats gonna have a load of this stuff in it, will post it up as soon as i'm done !


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may b u wud like V.A. Symptons of Complience.
this has got similar crunchy/chunky bassline, and quite a lot goin on upstairs!

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That whole gang of producers who are behind X-dream/Midimiliz/The Delta/Spiralianz/Spiralkinda are totally in control of the tech-trance genre. No one else comes close.

But check out Boshke Beats as well.


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As others mentioned, check out the Horns and Hoofs stuff (Eleventure and Fundamental), and the Boshke Beats stuff (Chronika Chapter One & Two, and Clangour).

A couple not mentioned are the new Metalogic album Magnetic Influence, and the Electroscopic comp on Moonflower Productions.

Midimiliz new CD Non Standards is great, and the Delta remix of Intercorporal Stimulator on the Imaginations Night comp is about the best song I have heard in ages. That one song is easily worth the whole price of that CD. The Midimiliz punk'd remix of Psychomachine on Non-Standards is pretty great too.