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A drummer walks into a library and says: "Hi I'll have a burger,fries, and a large coke." The librarian responds: you know where you are? This is a library!" The drummer, sheepishly, and in a whisper says: "Sorry....I'll have a burger, fries and a large coke."

What happened when the bass player locked his keys in the car? He couldn't get his drummer out!!.

whats green and smells? kermits bum

(To the tune of Yesterday)
Yesterday, All those backups seemed a waste of pay. Now my database has gone away. Oh I believe in yesterday. Suddenly, There's not half the files there used to be, And there's a deadline hanging over me The system crashed so suddenly. I pushed something wrong - What it was I could not say. Now all my data's gone and I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay. Yesterday, The need for backups seemed so far away. I knew my data was all here to stay. Now I believe in yesterday.