Spring-time downtempo mix - May '06


will smack you one
This is a collection of assorted downtempo tracks in an order I think sounds nice. :Smile3:

Lemon Jelly - Space Walk
Aim - Cold Water Music
Alex Theoly - Voodoo Dub
Tripswitch - Viscious
Indra's Net - Another Man's Mind
The Cat Empire - The Chariot
Gaudi - Ayahuasca Deep Fall
Rai - Groover
Jaia - Serial Groover
David Holmes - Gone (K&D mix)
Vibrasphere - Baltic Resonance

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Special thanks to Monkey Do for hosting.
Any comments of appreciation or derision equally much appreciated!



DJohn Mustard Project
Absolutely bloomin' loving this!

Excellent and surprising track selection... :Smile3: switches me between feeling very contemplative and very happy while I'm sitting here not feeling too well, and working on this last darn essay...

Super stuff! :Grin:


will smack you one
Hey thanks Nick! I threw a few tracks in there to break up the rhythm.. so I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Good luck with that essay :Grin:


some nice toons in there :Smile3: that jaia track (infact the whole album) holds some awsome blissed out beach and palm tree memories for me *sigh* where's the summer gone?


will smack you one
Thanks xylia. Have to agree with you, the new Jaia album is possibly the best album [in the sense of a collection of tunes designed in a specific order] i've ever bought! :ibiggrin:


will smack you one
Cheers Monkeh!
Yeah I directed a couple of my mates who don't have access to this forum through your site.


Ruskin on it in a subdued manner..... loveeeelllly tunes ruskin......

favourites being the lemon jelly, aim, and gaudi tracks.... but the cat empire tune is clearly the stand out winner.......

huzzah for ruskin and huzzah for the cat empire.....