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Sooooo, what's the last few releases been like???? Not bought anything on this label in a long time. Honest answers please describing the sounds, no comments like 'it's rubbish, don't buy it' or 'Great album get this now' are no good to me :Smile3:


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
i think Tweakers was the last half decent thing on there. to me, they're just trundling out the same old fodder and selling most of it in south america (where they've got really good distribution compared with a lot of european labels). they are the only label who i've never responded to requests to review their stuff for psyreviews because it would be like having teeth pulled.


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on" XXL", theres a track called ".A.D.D", by Wrecked machines ,pixel and domestic, which i reakon is good.
on" Remote veiwing", i really like the Hujaboy track, "Defractal"
I only really gelled with "spotless mind" on the wrecked machines album, although i occaisonaly listen to bits at home.
And "Zero gravity"........is a peice of shit..um.........ok, a bit harsh, but to be honest i havn't even bothered to suss out the BPMs of most of em cos ill never play it.
not very good for 4 cds worth of music


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Definite GMS style influence on many tracks. As if R & B were watching over the artists shoulders saying "no do it like this, yeah do it like that". They've ruined Wrkd Mchns!! :mad:.
Spuns pedigree and stable of artists is second to none but recent releases seem less groundbreaking and more money making, churning out dancey numbers for the masses, although there are the odd phat tunes. Perhaps that's because GMS have been so groundbreaking & successful in the past and can attract and influence newer artists. Maybe they need to spend less time with Raja & co :p maybe they should hit the UK and heeeeeear what's happenin! :badger:
Still quality producers though just not really psy enough for me :?


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I think Hypernova and XXL, were by far the worst! really formualic ravey style, lots of hyped up dance floor rubbish, with squeaky high end, annoying leads. Even stuff that should be quality like, Vatos Locos and Altom, seemed tainted by GMSounds...
I think there was one funky pixel and domestic remix, I liked on the whole two discs
I'd hapily melt Hypernova into one of those ashtrays, by putting in the oven or whatever...

Zero1 compilation was actually quite good, (getting old now though) Wizzy Noise and Deedrah both put in excellent tracks, and Tweakers has got some more tweaky twisted psychedelic sounds on...

I have completey avoided there latest releases, Remote Viewing and Zero Gravity, as they also look to be milking this rave style, I could be wrong, but some how I doubt it.