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67 Rec. present: Starseed - A Million Hz Away - Distributed by Wirikuta;jsessionid=EMDBPGCHMOFN?showDetail=103506

With its' roots firmly planted in the underground, Swedish 67 Rec. aims to nurture the growth of the
psy-trance movement as it gains momentum on a larger scale, as was foreseen by many.

Based in Gothenburg, which has spawned artists like Robert "Source" Leiner (R&S), Atmos on Anti's
Spiral Trax and S>Range, we will be upholding this heritage and adding to the legacy while providing
an outlet for the global creative collective.

Expect only high quality releases and consider this an invitation to join us on the journey, packed full
with dance-floor goodness!

This offering is from Starseed, a long-time-coming debut album, no less, as earlier releases have all
been co-operative works (Metrognomes w. Tim "Quirk" Healey as well as with D.I.M.O and others).

A unique psy trance album, due in part to the many live instruments involved, oboe, flute, singing, bells,
to name a few. All have been well recorded and blended in to add the human element in this otherwise
highly energized mix.

Dj on the international psychedelic circuit since 1994, Starseed has played at Indian solar eclipse
parties and American desert festivals. Sony offered him a recording contract in 1997, following a few
successful releases, but he declined. That really upset his manager, as you can imagine.
Thus, eight years have passed since the last Starseed release.

Now "A Million Hz Away" is sure to put his sound back on the map.


" We came from outer space,

Another frequency, a million Hz away

We must have lost Our way

Bit by bit, at any rate "

Cat# SSMHZ67013


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Sauntering about...
Anyone listened to this yet?
am off to listen to the samples when I arrive home but a more educated opinion will serve well :Smile3: