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I just arrive on your WEB Site, it is great. My name is Stephanie and i come from France.Where i live in france, Normandie, psy-trance isn t very spread so, in London i have really discovered the spy-trance (sorry for my english wich is not not not sooooooo good, hey guys i do my best..).
Normadie and is not so far from UK and Paris and almost nothing happen expect my friends who try to organise psy-trance party. For me, the party they organise are nice because it happens usually in small place in countryside, they are not million of people, it is cool, and they are my friends. But I love too big party with all people, color, nice sound, nice music, for me London is really a good place for the psy-trance. Actually i have never been in a festival and i would like to. The reason i came on this wed site is to get some informations about nice, relax, fairy party..., festivals or others activities like exibitions (there is a h in exibition but a don t know where?) :Smile3: . i stop to tell my life, and :Grin: Now i will have a walk in this web site and congratulations ans many thinks to all the people who organise this web site.

See u. Stefy
welcome, cava bien? that's all the french i know :lol1: This is the place to be Stefy, have fun :Smile3:
welcome cheak out hadra its near or in the alps

:welcome: :crowd: :welcome: