Nanook Nov 22, 2004

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    Hi guys,
    As our first birthday (under this name) approaches, I thought that it was time that Strange Daze underwent a general overhaul. So heres a post to explain what services we now offer :Smile3:

    We can now offer stupidly competative prices on the hire of:
    - 7.5k passive soundsystem with all relevent bits n bobs (cd decks, vinyl, mixers, microphones etc if neccessary- although any size rig catered for with notice).
    - Full light rigs to order (small plug in and leave units to full DMX controlled stage shows)
    - Fully emersive UV and monotone decor, mobiles, etc. Brush painted or sprayed banners/drapes. (Also contracted for sale if neccessary)
    - Staging, Indoor Trussing and Outdoor scaffolding rigs.
    - Generators of varying sizes (no site generators, but again can cater to order for bigger events)

    The websites still a work in progress but will post an update when its finished so you can see piccies of it all :P
    Feel free to pm me for more info or email at-

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