Stuck at work? Let me entertain you...

great stuff as usual! thanx!

I think tracklistings would be very useful, because I liked some of the tunes used and would like to buy the CDs, but don't know the names :o
Tracklistings to follow later, I'm going to reorganise my website a bit and stick them all up there (plus I'm not going to post a tracklist of one of those mixes here for fear of a wedgie for such blasphemous use of euphoric trance tunes halfway through a psy set)
Just been listening to 'The Preacherman' mix...

...nice one! Its one of the very few posted mixes that I've actually enjoyed enough to want to listen to the whole way through, and as far as I could tell there was only one real iffy bit - a quick switch between tracks somewhere around 20-25 mins where the bassline went a bit, erm, fuzzy.
But other than that it was much fun to listen to, especially as the mix was sandwiched between two nice old-schooly tunes! Several tunes I recognised and love myself, most of the rest had me vigorously pursing my lips in subtle (I am at work after all) appreciation.
Can I just ask how it was done - 2 decks n' a mixer? I only ask as theres a link on your website to 'mixmeister' and i was wondering if/how you use that.

Looking forward to nodding my head to a few more of your mixes :Smile3: Kepp up the good work!!


PS tracklisting would be nice! :Smile3: And do you get to play out much?
Thanks for the feedback and kind words, I'm really glad you are enjoying it.

All the mixes I've posted have been done in Mixmeister primarily, it's a great bit of software that unlike most PC DJ apps doesn't try to emulate the 2 decks plus crossfader (which I found was always a poor imitation) and works on the strengths of the PC interface to give you (amongst other things) realtime non-destructive editing of your sound files, virtually unlimited overlay tracks, key detection, DX plugins etc. etc. - think of it as a mix sequencer that you can play in realtime.

As far as playing out goes I haven't done for years...although that's not to say that I won't in future.

And thanks for reminding me...I'll try and get some tracklistings posted when I get home tonight :Wink3:
As promised here is the tracklist for "The Preacherman"

Peyote - Nissimyani
Send More Money - Broken Toy
Conteiner - Wrecked Machines Vs Star-X
Killer Rabbit (rmx) - Central Processing Unit
Teriyaki Terror - Panick
Jagnath - Mungusid
cosmic fusion - Space Buddha
Upturned RMX - Rinkadink vs Razzamatazz
Abstract - Vibra
Jamaica Fields - Nissimyani
Ensnared - Mumbo Jumbo
Sleeper (Man With No Name Remix) - Quietman
whats the first tune on 'love story'? i really dig that one :Smile3:

oh, and the one with the melody at about 14mins, with the little vocal in it?
Here's the playlist for "Love Story":

Travelling - Eskimo
Conteiner - Wrecked Machines Vs Star-X
City of God - Fatali
Northern Lights - Mr. Oz and Larry Lush
Psychedelic H & L - Nissimyani
ProAgressive - Nightlife
Anima In Corpore [andre visior remix] - Encarta
Now And Zen - Quietman
Homeland [sunrise mix] - La Chimera
Killer Rabbit (rmx) - Central Processing Unit
Mayday - Oforia vs DJ Dédé
Accelerator - Triptych
Riser (Interflow V DJ Oberon Mix) - Pulsar
Vicious Circles (Moogwai Mix) - Vicious Circles
I Feel Love (Vamino's Trance Mix) - Kluster
We Are One! [club mix] - Chemistry
No Return (Neo & Farina Remix) - Solar Factor

The vocal @ 14 min is from Northern Lights by Mr Oz. and Larry Lush although the tune itself just rides the transition between City of God & Psychedelic H & L without playing solo for any length of time.
Great mixes Dude (not that I really know what to listen for, but i'm learning)
I've heard the Preacherman and Locomotive mixes thus far and am impressed, especially locomotive. Apologies I can offer no constuctive criticism other than keep up the good work, well done Etc. (mine ears art heavy metal ears) :punk:
Thanks for listening - don't worry about lacking constructive criticism, just knowing that you've been entertained by them is good.

By the way I think you'd be suprised quite how many heavy metal ears you'll find around here (myself included :Wink3:)
:Wink3: :P :speaker: :punk: :lol1: :Grin: :o

13.00 mins on Digital Week has brought such happiness to my day. Wicked, pure stomping going on this end!!! HAHA!