Top 10 summer festival stompers Ketuh style


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Vienna, Austria
Here we go once again . .
These are the top of the crop in my case

for the Sonic Pantomimers (kthcd005) due out End of august in Japan ans Early Sept rest of world

1. Gappeq 3bk1
2. Killuer Buds Fungus in my banza
3 N3xu5 Evolution rmx
4. Triskell Concept rmx
5. Phyx Sub zero rmx
6. Gappeq Genetically dirty
7. Lemurians Who shot the dj?
8. Rastaliens Jungle explosion
9. Spectra aka Shrink Tribal dance

Gappeq_3bk1: seems to be lot of potential in this new act from Czech Rep., nice groovy bassline and floating spacey melodies. This makes a good night track.

KillerBuds_fungus in my banza: killer bassline like everytime, psychedelic sound waves through the track all the time. Especialy at the second part of the track…crazy break! Cool track!

N3xu5_evolution rmx: stomping and a kind of funky, the synth melody reminds me to an old gms track… very nice samples in the middle break… works good on the dancefloor.

Phxy_subzero rmx: much better than the original, i think. Very psychedelic sounds. Very driving bassline. The sounds are better sorted . the build up is better too!

Triskell_concept rmx: very good production, clear sound, very funky , i would say it a good track fort he morning.

Gappeq_dirty genetics: also a good morning track, i like the melody of the bells; or what ever it is, it gives it a asian touch. Ist very floating sound, and it keeps a bit mystic.

Lemurians_who shot the dj: they are still very psychedelic, they are not as hard as in last album, but still the deep heavy bassline that keeps all rolling.

Rastaliens_jungle explosion: funky track, nice sounding melodies and i personaly like the funny sample in there. A good track for sunny morning again.

Spectra_tribal dance: very very nice track, full sunrise morning track, it gets u a smile in ur face. A bit of olds chool sound repacked in new style. Good combination.

bonus: The PEACEMAKER(s) (kthcd006) due out in End of sept in Japan, and Early Oct rest of world

1 GAPPEQ - birth of the dragon
2 ZEBRA-N - mad cow disaster
3 SHIFT - nexus overload
4 PHYX - ruby blaze V.2
5 KILLER BUDS - night vision
6 INSECT SEEKER - bicicleta
7 TRYAMBAKA - odyssey
8 SPECTRA AKA SHRINK - radio telescope
9 CELL - scanner constructions

1. Gappeq_birth of the dragon: a very nice track for the beginning of the cd. Not too heavy, rolling all the time and nice melody inside that keeps the mysticism …
2. Zebra-N_ mad cow disaster: a driving , at the beginning funky track, with a very very funny voice sample… i think nobody expects that…
3. Shift_nexus overload: one of my favs from shift! Very drinving, very psychedelic. Tipical shift i would say…keeps on rolling from beginning to the end.
4. Phyx_ruby blaze V2: so far also my fav from phyx. Ist a very powerful track with a lot of crazy sounds in it that makes u freak out…especialy the amazing melody at the end!
5. Killer Buds_night vision: same bomb like every Killer Buds tune…full power from start till the end and lot of crazy sound in it and…a funny middle part i will say!
6. Insect seeker_bicicleta: a nother good newcomer from Brasil. Very nice sounds and another funny sample in the break. Im looking forward to more tracks!
7. Triambaka_odissey: a very psychedelic track. Flashing crazy sounds all the time, old school melody with modern powerful fullon bass! „Kick em in the nads, Beavis“
8. Spectra_radio telescope: this track helps the sun to rise…puts a smile in ur face and lets u stay on the dancefloor wanting more and more …to enjoy the sunshine fully.
9. Cell_scanner construction: The second chillout track at a Ketuh comp. and ..its an amaznig track, good sounds and floating waves . . .

Enjoy as we do and keep them comments commin
Happy summer all!
Nice, nice :Wink3: Just to let all you Psy-Forumers know, 'Sonic Pantomime' is coming out in September, the 16th I believe. :peace: Watch out for Gappeq, abosultely epic soundscapes and crystal clear production. Killer Buds, if you heard the track on the last compilation, then you'll know these Brazilians seriously kick some. N3xu5 have been making some really stompy music, I think you'll all recognize the sample :Wink3: :smokingr: :peace: Zebra-N, a couple of crazy Dutch guys, who happen to make some crazy tuneage :partysmi: :jump: :jump: :punk: :peace: :speaker: :party2:
we are happy to inform that due to growing number of requests we have anticipated the release date for sonic Pantomime . . . . Japan august 23
and rest of worl special boom festival Release . . . .
Catch it while its hot . . . we have a limited edition.
boom to all!!!!1 :wow: