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The new Revolve Magazine comes winging its way to you fresh with tantalising interviews, articles to inspire you, improve your spiritual well-being and if you're lucky - they're only 3,000 - with its first Promo CD packed full of choice tunes from the world's leading progressive and psychedelic trance labels for only 4.5 Euros. With 7 unreleased tracks currently, including stormers from Blanka, Black&White the new Tip World vinyl release, Tikal, Vibe Tribe, Lemurians, Aphid Moon & others for this low price it's a definite no-brainer - perfect for the Summer season.

In the magazine the legend that is Simon Posford leads this issues's musical highlights talking about the genesis of the new Shpongle masterpiece. There's also interviews with Israeli rising stars Black & White, X-Noise and Blanka from the underground scene, French progressive masters Jaia about their new album, Swedish old-timer S>Range's return on Liquid Records, Shane Gobi about Alchemy Records, Tikal about their new album on Neurobiotics and many more including an interview with all the artists on the promo CD.

In terms of the UK, there's an interview with Dominic of the Synergy Project, London's leading psy-trance and ambient party/gathering, a feature about Leeds' renowned party promoters Cabbage including a review of their System 7 party and a feature on Organic Records. Plus 3 pages of psy-trance reviews / a page of progressive reviews and a page of ambient reviews.

Plus articles about how to meditate and eat healthily at this Summer's festivals, the significance of recent scientific experiments on our DNA and about the imprisonment of Tibet's Panchen Lama.

CD Tracklist
1) Gaudium - nordic nature (Spiral Trax) excellent opener prog-trance tune from new album unreleased until 09/05
2) Phony Orphants - i want too... (Iboga) excellent harder prog trance tune from new album unreleased until 09/05
3) Tikal - welcome (Neurobiotic Records) start of psy-trance tunes wicket tune released 07/05
4) Blanka - whoops (Doof Records) amazing neo-psy full-on tune from new album unreleased until 07/05
5) Black&White - retroactive (Hom Mega) incredible psy-trance unreleased tip world vinyl comes 06/05 album also 08/05
6) Aphid Moon - he who survives (Nano Records) on album which was released 30may 2005
7) ManMadeMan - william remix (Turbotrance Records) unreleased not for release until 11/05
8) Freakulizer - the awakening process (Alchemy Records) wow what a morning track released on alchemy comp. now
9) Vibe Tribe - thriller (Utopia Records) unreleased track amazing morning vibe
10) Lemurians - systematic (Safi Connection remix) (Spliff Records) great psy-morning tune unreleased track from Safi remixes album due 09/05
all that for only £3 - bargain: available in shop at Psychedelic Dream Temple, Access All Areas, and from Synergy stall at Glade festival and Liquid stall at Glade festival.
Online from:,
Without CD, many copies available for free at various parties and also at Jumbo Records in Leeds, Virgin, HMV and Tower records throughout the UK, record shops in Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Bristol through Sunrise, Alien Resonance, Kulu