Summer Solstice relay broadcast - Sat->Sun 19/20 June


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We are pleased to bring you this exclusive relay broadcast on psymusic radio.

Our friends at the DI.FM goa channel will be hosting an online party featuring lots of Artists and DJ's from around the world.

The broadcast will start on Saturday at 5PM in the UK and run till the early hours on Monday.

05:00pm Sanguine Mandragoa (DI, Astral Planes)
07:00pm Morlack (Hadshot Haheizar, Anomaly System)
08:30pm BassMunkey (aka JDigital)
10:30pm t4e
12:30am Skyloops (Trance Lab Records)
01:20am ROX
03:30am Jikooha (Panorama Records)
05:00am Para Halu (Psylife Music)
06:00am DJ Altered-Mind
08:30am Ka-Sol (Suntrip Records, Schlabbaduerst Records)
10:00am Opsy (Soundmute Recordings)
10:55am DFX
01:00pm AuroraX
03:15pm Bloodwing (DI, Astral Planes)
04:55pm E-Mantra (Suntrip Records)
05:25pm Goasia (Suntrip Records, Kagdila Records)
07:25pm DJ Shoom (DI, Astral Planes)
09:25pm Principles of Flight (Timecode Records)
10:25pm Dr Insekt vs Fotis Elf (Geomagnetic Records vs Alchemix Records)
12:25am Brainiac (Grasshopper Records, Electronic Dope Records, Vagalume Records)
01:30am Tampered DNA (DI)
02:50am Matt With An S (Gaiasha)
04:50am Hybrid FX (BetaChronic Records)
05:50am DJ AnokhA (Virus Tekk Records)
06:50am Kundalini (Intelligent Monkey Records)
07:50am Predators (Geomagnetic Records)
08:55am Psynject (Astral Planes)
09:45am Glassball (DI)

Thanks to Ari from DI.FM and the guys above for making this possible