Sunrise: Global Visionary Culture Gathering


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Hi you all,

Next year, over summer solstice, we shall be hosting a Gathering of the global visionary culture. It will run from July 16th-21st and should attract between 3-5000 people + crew. Its intention is to become a node upon the international tribal circuit - with inspirations born from Burning Man, Mindstates, Shambhala (In Canada), Boom!, Glastonbury Festival and the UK scene.
It is an ecologically empowered event, fully powered by natural means, promoting both permaculture and performing arts on an equal standing. Permaculture here referring to a holistic life system that includes production of food, community building and minimal waste.
The event will fuse ancient vibrations with new-time culture, healing arts and electronica; Arts, science and spirituality. The site is geometrically laid out in a 13 petalled flower design, with 13 areas of varying kinds. One of these is the Visionary Arts and Culture Area - including a visionary arts gallery, the Spirit Dance Stage (Trance and Electronica), the Planet Art Network and more, including a range of workshops and presentations on visionary culture, stalls, and a full visual spectrum of CGI, live animation, light shows, cinema, etc.

If you feel you could contribute to this, please contact me directly via:

This is a callout to artists, AV wizards and wizardesses and visionaries of all kinds, stallholders and anyone who feels they have something to offer in terms of visionary culture.
For any other contributions or further details, please also email the above address.

Many blessings,