Suntrip Records 002:Apsara-Melodic Goa trance! (6th of june)

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Hello dear trance-lovers :Smile3:

We are proud to present the next cd of Suntrip Records! After the success of our first album, called Filteria – Sky Input, we are now ready for a compilation with the freshest sensitive, emotional and warm melodic goa trance!

The compilation is called “Apsara†The Apsaras are the celestial Nymphs, elegant dancing women, incarnation of the Pleasure Principal. They are visions of voluptuous beauty that have stamped themselves on the Indian psyche as the ideal feminine form. Their name literally means "moving in the water", or "water that movesâ€!

Across 9 truly melodic tracks, the most talented entertainers in the Indra's court and supreme masters of dance and song will guide you as you dream, fly, ride, dive and smile :Smile3:

The cd will be available the 6th of june thanks to our loyal distributor Arabesque and the tracklist looks like this:

1. Aes Dana - Digitalys
2. Yesod - On The Edge Of Time
3. Khetzal & Chai (Avigmati) - Babylone Beach
4. Lost Buddha - Metamorphosis
5. Filteria - Tiny Universe
6. Ka Sol - Scraqp
7. Ypsilon 5 - Titanium
8. Goasia - I'm Ready
9. Radical Distortion - Communication

The cd was mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN studios
And the cd was compiled by Mars & Anoebis!

The cover will look like this:


Last but not least, visit our website :Smile3:, it will be updated soon with more info about our upcoming cds (as we have planned more already), new acts, djs and much more!

Thanks to everyone, and for sure the ones that will buy this cd! Remember… Copying kills our music (and labels)!

Anoebis & Mars / Suntrip Records

Suntrip Records

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Garfield said:
Hi Anoebis, nice to read ya here, too... :Wink3:

I like that sort of old school tracks...

lol, I'm everywhere :Grin:

Anyway... Hello! :Smile3:
From now on our cds are on sale on all big online shops! :Smile3: More will follow and soon (next week) they will be available in your local trance-shop too!

Thanks for the support everyone :Smile3:

Joske (Dj Anoebis), Fabien (Mars)


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
big up the old skool psynews posse =)
from before avatars were invented
ahh back in t' day


oh go on, just one then..
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Currently Leipzig, Germany
love my GOA! fair play :Grin: by the way, i enjoy sky input.

There's too much filth and darkness for me round these parts :Wink3: no but really.....if i wanted to listen to hardstyle filthcore, surely i would do that.

more melody, more layered sound, MORE GOA!!! get in.

disclaimer: this is of course only a personal opinion