Suntrip updates (new Filteria, upcoming Ka Sol album & dj mix!)

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Hello everybody, here is the latest news from Suntrip Records :Smile3:

The new Filteria cd, existing out of the most euphoric and acidic melodic goa trance, is released (like most of you may have noticed)! It is available at following shops:

You can watch all the info about the cd on this page:

Except of that we are also happy to announce you the tracklist of our upcoming cd of Ka Sol that will be released at the end of April

1. Technomorgon
2. Blogz
3. Schlumpen
4. Skreno
5. back basic to Goa
6. Matrix Rmx
7. No return (as AHS)
8. Sticky web (as AHS)
9. White Magic (as AHS)
10. The Light (as AHS)

And the cd cover will be made out of this painting by Swedish artist John Bauer


Last but not least... I made a dj set with very relaxing and floating ambient and ethinc chill out, so if you are tired after checking out our mindblowing released, have a listen at this :Smile3:

This the tracklist

1.Solar Fields - Time Slide
2.Gaudi - Dawn Cliffs: Il Risveglio Delle Pietre
3.Del feat. Cydelix - Epiros
4.Moon Tribe - Eyes
5.Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
6.Juno Reactor - Song for Ancestors
7.Dead Can Dance - Indus
8.Cat Von Trapp - Reaper Girl
9.Ra - Sanctuary
10.Zooboreal - Voxtri
11.Makyo - Natasja

Thanks for supporting melodic trance!
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