sunyata mix recorded live

nice mix dood - speshially like the indiany bits :Grin:

Only thing is it drove my mp3 player [muvo nx] slightly round the bend [had trouble playing parts and the time counter was going fairly batty] - what did u encode with ?

don't know


no idea, someone encoded and send it to me, didn't even know it was recorded. :?

it's playing fine in winamp between 128-160 -
not strong quality but nice impression though to hear that one back ...

been listening to this mix some more recently and I can confirm that it is actually *the tits* :Smile3:

have u got a tracklisting at all ? In particular theres a track at about 15.30->16.00 ish which rinses it like a muthafuka - wouldnt mind finding out what this is if anyone knows ?

cheers peepz!

you decide

thanx for the feedback mate! the track mixed during that time is electric universe - "you decide" (... "for heaven or for hell....") :Smile3:
wicked thanks for that :Smile3:

Have to say Im not the biggest connosieur of full-on psy (although I know what I like!) and of the mixes Ive been grabbing off the forum this one has had far and away the most airtime on my mp3 player. Its full on whilst remaining interesting and has a definite funky edge to it :Smile3: Also some nice dark bits here and there buts its *varied* and isnt x hours of solid darkness. Good work !

Id be greatful to hear if u get around to doing a full tracklist for it ... Im still really getting to know my astrix from ticon !!!

Oh yeah and if u do any more mixes gimme a holler !


Well I just checked it all back myself and I must say I enjoyed it as well...
Here's a picture of the dancefloor while it actually was played:


and last but not least the tracklist (which was taking me lots of time - thanx for asking --- :? )

electric universe - the prayer (intro)
altom - renegade
lemurians - phrygian
whiplash - trip the switch
electric universe - you decide
perplex - ultramaximayzer
jupiter 8000 - dust to dawn
wrecked machines - take the ups
dj mael & manitu - zergshake
dino psaras - thats it
miraculix - sophisticated electronics
charasmatix - furthus ultimux
wrecked machines - psychoacoustically
micropoint - slow scratch
azax syndrom - nightmare
prisma - running time
terminator - cube
psykovsky - lastbus madrus
talamasca - aries
four carry nuts - mechanical age
digital talk - the abyss

and well about the full-on thing - It's harder and harder to find good tracks
as all sounds the more the same nowadays, though I'm really playing the Hydrophonic album often - they're really awesome!
has anyone got a copy of this mix would be great to listen to it again