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what is the most complicated synth?
what mad things can it do that others can't?

presumabley fufilling these supersynth criteria will make it the best for psy right?


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Actually, I find that basic synths are better for psychedelic trance. I do a lot of my wibbly shit with Synth1 and Triangle II, both of which can be downloaded for free.

The thing with trance is that you've got a limited frequency space within which to put your lead lines. Excessively complicated synths will tend to muddy it up a bit too much.



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WOW. having read all about that Neuron i am going to have to go into turnkey or digital villiage and ask to play with it. i dunno if it will live up to what my imagination reckons it can do...... but WOW :bananada:




Yeah that Neuron sure looks cool.
There's some good advice there above though - the craziest wibbly shit is not always from the biggest supersynth. Try taking a "normal" passage of some typical sawtooth sound, run it through some filter fx (or onboard filter), some mild distortion, some nice stereo delays, etc... then automate everything! A lot of "complicated" sounds can most easily be generated by taking some sample (I especially like using speech or vocals as it has a lot of variation and is in the appropriate frequency range) and processing it with vocoders, bitcrushers, time-stretching etc. Literally HOURS of fun!!! :lol:

Otherwise, your question is a little vague... do yu mean a hardware synth or soft? There are various emultions of crazy modular and patchable synths, especially from Arturia, which are naturally very flexible and powerful (more so than the hardware version).

A synth I'm quite fond of at the moment is Cameleon 5000 because it uses additive synthesis as opposed to the much more common subtractive synthesis. Basically you can feed it samples, it breaks them up into component sine waves, and then reconstructs them, giving you additional control over the paramers and letting you morph between sounds.

Oooh - another type of synth you'd probably like to play with is Granular synthesis.
There's one called Granner-X which might be free (or cheap?) and give some pretty freaked out sounds. Might be hard to use them in a track though unless youre doing industrial noise...

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