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here's a little suv attachment I made that can be used to adorn those fuckin great gas guzzlers everywhere. print out, chop up, and attach! -made to look a bit like parking tickets for that 'o no' moment!!

(printed onto stickers with that really annoying glue that won't come off gives highest annoyance factor, but probably isn't recommended due to criminal damage charges etc)
Haha! nice one dude. Priority goes to the SUV's with the lone drivers :Wink3:
hahaha quality :Smile3: So whats the "official source" thats says driving an SUV "makes you look like a prick"? :Wink3:

Driving to work through the school run here makes me FUME when I see : 1 mum, 1 kid in FUCKOFF GREAT HUGE MOTOR !! GRRRRRrrrrrr!

I saw a report once, can't remember where, or by who or anything useful ( or rather verifiable ! ) that linked SUV use in the states, to the time it will take for the oil to run out.....

IE, if the avergae US car was as efficient as the average Europen car, the Oil would last anohter 20 years
( or something like that, this hasn't been all that usuful really, has it ? unless someone else knows WTF I'm on about ?)
What makes me laugh is the size of the things compared to the amounts of space available. Usually the spare wheel's on the outside, often it's a "special" spare and still won't fit in, there's NEVER any luggage space (and not much seating space), they accelerate and handle just like a cow on rollerskates, their usual top speed rivals that of a Class 1 HGV and 90% of them have axles at the same height as a Vauxhall Astra, so off-road means "not too many bumps please". Your 4WD's no good when you've grounded the transmission on a rock...

Add to that the fact that they're mostly driven by either Mr. It's My Road or Mrs. I Have No Peripheral Vision and you've got a pretty damning collection of facts.#

Although I hear the Toyota RAV4 is the best thing on the market for manifold cookery - perhaps they mostly belong parked halfway through the kitchen wall?