SYSTEM 7 - Encantado


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Sunny Sheffield
Been playing the new System7 album a lot this week and it really is the best thing they've done for ages - best description would be psychedelic techno... the drums really kick low and pounding but with lots of uplifting stuff (but not in an obvious way) going on on top... well worth a purchase & shows that you can make good psycedelic dance music beyond very narrow genre constrictions!


( I havent played it enough to get my head round specific tracks - so no doubt a fuller review later)
Oh nice! Def up for that one! Didn't know it was out! :wizard1:
Ordered it yesterday... Looking forward to hearing it.
there last album seventh wave was a big fav.
Really enjoyed it and it had staying power still sounds phat and fresh.
good work for some oldies :Wink3: