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o yes...i mean:: :!: OOoooaawwooaahhhh YYEESS!! :!:

long awaited, much anticipated (by me anyway) - the new album from Talpa on Sundance records. Anyone who knows this label knows they release some of the most forward moving, future proofed, melodic, funky, musical, and downright far out psychedelic music around. and we love them for it :Grin: as always the cover art is spot on - deeply layered and textured, and o my god i almost fell into it!!

the order of the day is extremely full on and mutated music, with all sorts of psychedelic goodies hovering around yer tunes which are, basically, RINSING (as in not mincing).

We start with a tribal beaty workout, gently setting the stage as one full of shenanigan potential, and lots of uv naughtiness. From here on in we have track after track of epic, and I mean _transcendentally Super-Epic, tunage. the whole album is loosely centered around Talpa picking up every cell in our body, and juggling them into a new arrangement that is them travelling at about (c - 1) miles an hour to his rip-roaring beats and soaringly epic trans-epic epic--ness. the sheer scale of some of the riffs can't possibly be communicated in words - they're the sort of noises that can only be comprehended by flailing one's arms around in a close approximation of: "throwing four dimensional shapes in the church of dance". there are so many hidden drops and stuttered beats that phase in and out, and moments when you're not quite sure what's going to happen at all as we're lost in the swirling barrage of effects and atmoshperes and cheeky gremlins and other assorted audio entities like classical pieces and otherworldly voices and then - o yes - there's the beat again - sneaked up behind you and bounced you onto the ceiling before you know what's happened.

f'kin brilliant. music is alive. ALIVE I TELL YOU
very, very good...better than i spected too....! shom bankar!!
fuck me! i'm listening to the samples on Saiko right now, and it's great psy. all of the chaotic, mental, melodic layers of good Infected, but (so far) it's cheez-free. i seem to remember Talpa hinting that we'd be "surprised" by how the album was produced... whatever that means. i need to buy this one post-haste. "trust no goblin" is mad, even in reduced sound quality.
I'm gonna try something very unusual for me...

I'm gonna attempt to piss, crap, cry, sing and masturbate all at once..

Any one care to join me?

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just for the psyreviews of it....


The Art Of Being Non

Sundance (Australia)

And let me just start by saying that I’ve been referring to this album in colloquial circles as “The Art Of Being Blimey,†and I suggest and rather expect that you might do so too. >From start to finish this is utterly staggering – this has to be one of the most original, deepest, and completely adorable artist albums of the year. After the brokenbeat, hung-melody intro of First Ray Of Light, it takes no time to establish its groove with My Kingdom: a tune with big stabs, big chords, and big crunches. When the huge melodic flurries give way to insane drops, you are for the first time left thinking that this may be the sound Infected Mushroom could have achieved if they stayed on the same track as The Gathering and Classical Mushroom. Trust No Goblin is bonkers for breakfast, moochy breakbeat for lunchtime, and dresses up for dinner in a bangin’, pacey trancey top hat n’ tails before it chases you around the buffet table, laughing inanely. No Place To Hide has utterly staggering production, again reminiscent of Infected with melodies washing back and forth over a hard-as-nails backbone. Dragon Tale rather leaves me speechless, the melody here is (and I mean IS) genius, and I mean GENIUS. End of. The Infected Mushroomyness resurfaces loudly on Flybeereligion; you can tsaste and smell all those things that made them great, when something as inventive, deep and downright joyous as this appears on the radar. Flybeereligion’s distorted leadlines have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck every time, and the way it runs into a delectable, kaleidoscopic ending is sheer class. For me though, it all comes together with Rebirth; an amazing, fully-danceable groove that just evolves by itself, taking the entire dancefloor and a sizeable amount of reality with it as well. And did I mention the production? I’d estimate that for every noise you notice, there’s about eight others in there that you don’t. The effect of this album is simply staggering. In a climate where so many people bemoan the “lack of anything psychedelic these daysâ€, this album deserves to sell millions. Actually, make that billions. An outstandingly good standalone artist album that will change the way you think about psychedelic trance.



A clear and inspirational take on the Genuim of Hallucinogen - you can expect Trust-no-goblin &> Gamma Goblins to mix wherever you find me. :trippn:

Bring it all back.

This is Hallucinogen all over again. Proper huge psychedelic refractions that blither your writhing flesh and jaunt your temperal lobe out of reality unto the ethereal realm of negotiable audio/visual penumbra.

"The part of a picture where the shade
imperceptibly blends with the light"

I would thank you eternally Damion, if it wasn't for the simple fact I've run out of words. These being my very carefully chosen last before a lifetime of silence. Let my final word be.....


this is feckin great. I'm just after ordering this cd, pure spur of the moment thing, somebody remarking that it was a good album, now im itching for the postman to arrive :jump:
eeerm, im just listening to this and to be honest its not blowing my socks off...
There are some great production tricks and it sounds very tight so far, but it does reek of IM.
I suppose its the long stretches of melodic synth lines that are pissing me off.
If your still hankering after the old IM sound then thisl do but it doesnt really feel like its pushing the boundaries :no:

Just thought id give another view, as i kinda wish i hadnt bought it now.

I guess the repeating synth-lines can take away from the simple complexity of his composition. :juggle:

I would agree they are IM-esque and inso have difficulty setting themself astride due to excessive melodic lines. I would have taylored the bass/kicks with more effect at this stage of the game. S'what I asked for though. N'S wot came.

9/10 then.

*oooh, the life-time silence has been cured* :o

"..It's a miracle" - Life of Brian. 1979.
holy shit mother of fuk, this is fukkin deadly!!! i know im no expert on all of this but just as a simple listener i was fukkin blown away out the window and onto the ground below. i suppose they are similar to infected in ways but this FAR exceeds their new album, thank you damion for showing me the light.


:shrooms: :wo^thy: :shrooms:
"And peacefully they did go until they could go no further"


and when they could go no further they thought, fuck it - and released the same thing over and over again - namely a big fucking bomb at all the people who had followed jesus instead, for lo - his tunes were not as good.
Well i think this is simply the best psy cd ive heard all year - in fact possibly the best cd ive heard all year. its stunning! :Smile3: I like its originality and the way it bends psy trance into something a bit different and new but still bangs in the right places. Wicked.

Just my 2p

Talpa – The Art Of Being Non (Sundance Records) October 2004

1. First Ray Of Light
2. My Kingdom
3. Trust No Goblin
4. No Place To Hide
5. Dragon Tale
6. People Are Animals
7. Flybeereligion
8. The Moon
9. Rebirth
10. Back To Dreaming

So i've been visiting my Psychiatrist lately. He's always been very kind to me and giving me the best medicine available to suit my musical craving.
So he recommended me the new compilations from 3D Vision and Mind Control. I refused and told him that this stuff doesn't do it for me anymore. It softens the pain but it doesn't do anymore than that.
I told him, stop giving me fluffy placeboes, i want the real stuff. I want something to remind me the old days, when i started to listen to Psy Trance. I want the madness of Infected Mushroom's Gathering, the twistedness of Hallucinogen's Lone Deranger and the melodies of Classical Mushroom.
Last weeks he recommended me Misted Muppets and Synsun. It worked well, especially Synsun, but the comedown was painful. It still lacked the depth of the stuff that i was looking for.
But today the Doc had a big grin on his face. He told me that he might have something that just might move some cells in my beaten brain. With quick yet determined move he pulled a CD from his “special patients†shelf and it had Talpa written over it.
Who’s Talpa I asked the Doc. “Trust me manâ€, he replied. It will only do you good.
And it did. This CD returned the smile to my face. It’s twisted, it’s melodic, it’s full of surprises and ever changing melodies, percussions, basslines and whatever. It’s evil, happy, dark, light and most of the time it oozes talent and unbelievable skills. Something you might expect from experienced and aged producer, but this is Talpa’s first album. The most surprising bit is that Talpa, Goran Juric, is from Serbia. Not really a place yet known for its Psy Trance artists, but I hope that Talpa paved a way for more Serbian talents.
So, is this album any good? Yes, it is. This is true Psychedelic Trance, with capital P.
This is by no means a copy of Infected Mushroom or Hallucinogen like some people tend to think. It does indeed borrows some influence from IM and Simon Posford, but it has plenty of fresh ideas inside. There is no point in going track by track review here, because I see this album as one big master piece. But if I would be asked what are my favorite tunes here I’d mention: 1,3,4,6 (starts off with amazing sample), 8!!! (One of the best vocal tunes this year. Really reminds me Fly Agaric – I see myself), 10!!
Well I thought I would buy this simply after reading the damions review and viewing this thread ......

... lots of fun ..... very IM - but at the same time I think you always tell its not IM ......

I reckon its a great cd. Only listened to it a couple of times but it seems to have that "upredictability" so lacking in the trance of late, which is great for the listener but not so great for the "beat mix everything" dj. H ehe he ! I would love to see em' live ( hint hint )

Good though - me likey !! :Smile3:
I can feel my self being tempted to take a small sample....
only a small one just in case its too powerful, but I should see if this to my liking!??