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As im still on logic 4.7, one of the drawbcks is that none of the effects or instruments have a sidechain option. some one mentioned that the tc sidechain would do the job. but it seems to be an incredibly small piece of kit with no visible way of linking it with, for instance, a gate.
anyone know how to route it to something, or whatever ive gotta do? :unsure:

Ta much-ly!

The TC Sidechainer only works with TC plugins.

Place a TC Dynamics processor over the sound you want to treat, and insert the sidechainer over the signal you want to send to the sidechain. Then, on the TC dynamics processor, you select sidechain input. The signal that the sidechainer is inserted across will now trigger the dynamics processor instead of the signal being processed.

Hope this makes sense.

Incidentally, why haven't you upgraded to Logic 5?
ah ok,
ive been trying to get it to work with other plugins.
am trying to get ducking sorted, as i started a tune with someone who wanted the bass at the same time as the kick. (am i right in thinking ducking is the correct procedure for sorting this?)

with regards to upgradeing... cant find a *naughty* upgrade for the mac. am definately gonna buy logic 7, when im ready to move up to os x (and lose all my lovely plugins).

Cheers for the advice!

Yeah good plan.

Insert the TC compressor across the bass and the sidechainer across the kik. The kik will then force the compressor to duck the bassline.

On the compressor, "ratio" will control how far it ducks, and attack and release will control the "pump factor".

Good luck.
cheers mate!
understand it a bit better now!
ducking here we come!!!

erm, i cant get it to work :rolleyes:

Ott^ said:
Then, on the TC dynamics processor, you select sidechain input.

um... wheres that?
Should there be a drop down buton to specify the track that the sidechain is on?

ps- is there something in the preferences somewhere which would enable sidechains on everything, or is it definately just that my versions too old?
I could never get the TC sidechain to work. I know I'm not alone in this either...
If you get fed up with it, then there are other options...

The Waves C1 compressor has a sidechain function, but it's a bit fiddly to set up. And both the signals have to be in mono (though this is fine for basslines...).

I dunno whether logic takes DX plugins, but if it does, then this could provide an alternative. It's pretty cheap, but is the most effective/easy to use plugin compressor (w/ sidechain) I've seen.....

Also - I'm sure I remember reading that the native Logic compressor can be sidechained. I could well be chatting utter crap though...
Its easy.

Insert a "TC Native Compressor/De-esser" plugin across the bass channel.

Insert a "sidechainer" plugin across the kik.

On the Compressor [on the bass channel], select "Key Input". If you only have one sidechainer running it will automatically select "key Input 1". The kik is now ducking the bassline.

I think the confusion arises from TC's decision to mix their terminology - calling the sidechain input on the compressor a "key input".
Ott^ said:
On the Compressor [on the bass channel], select "Key Input".

For some reason the 'key input' bit on the compressor is slightly greyed out and seems to be not available (nothing happens when i click it)! any ideas?

It seems like there are greater powers at work here, who desperately dont want me to sidechain anything...bugger.

cheers for the help! :Grin:
The key input only becomes available when you have a sidechainer inserted somewhere.

If it still doesn't show I'd suggest your TC Native plugins aren't correctly ... erm... "enabled".

Shit - just noticed i'm logged in as Zoe. She knows bugger all about TC Native plugins...

Ott. xxx
Was very impressed with zoe's knowledge of side chaining for a second there!

cheers for your help. At least i now know i wasnt being a complete spooner!
guess ill have to wait till i get to have fun with sidechains...