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hi, ive just started with reason trying make some nice tunes, but like all beginners im having loads of teething problems. The main one at the moment is that i cant record tweaking the knobs or modulation wheels or anything. its strange because it worked the first time i did it, when i played it back there was a green outline and it moved like i had set. But now recording stuff like this wont work on any other device im using.

I probably just flicked something i wasnt meant to or something, but if anyone has a solution i would be very grateful. also this might be a useful thread for beginners at this sort of thing, maybe it could fasttrack some beginners and foster some hidden talents. Or maybe it could just show me to cop on to something obvious.

either way thanks for any replies :Smile3:
Make sure the little midi symbol is by the unit u are tweaking or recording on. U can only record one channel at a time with 2.5. And make sure whether u set the record setting to overdub or overwrite for what u want to do.
not sure whats wrong with your automation mate but heres a......

piece of advice for reason:

have great fun wiring CV back and forth and roundabout to make the maddest sounds!!!!!!!!!!
kool thanks for the replies. but i reckon theres actually something wrong with the program, ill just re-install it or something. its just annoying coz i have a pretty good bit going and just wanna fuk with it but it wont let me aghhhh. also when i go to pencil in the automation the program feckin freezes. ah ill get over it. thanks again
well the recording didnt work but i can draw in the automation with the line drawer thing, yipee!

Does anyone know any places to get samples and refills that are particularly good for psychedelic music?
have a search for Peff and Doru Malaia on the web, maybe not ideal for psy but sure plenty of samples there. The props site has loads of demos which give u some free settings and samples to use. tbh i got a whole load but don't use them, better to get wav rather than refills, more flexibility since u can use them in other programs.